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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Friday 4.22 Moss Landing Roll Call  (Read 2327 times)

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If I can manage to get my truck working relyably Thursday (it's currently down) I'd be happy to share a ride.  As it stands, I am assuming it won't be moving out of my driveway and ChuckE is giving me a lift.  Maybe Yakuzu still has room?  In any case, in the future, when I have wheels again, I will be more than happy to share.


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I just looked at NOAA wind prediction for 4am, 10am and 4pm tomorrow and all show 5MPH in MB area!  We can call it "Lake Monterey" for a day.  I will feel comfortable paddling WAY out, if necessary.  How many have fishfinders?  Maybe we can work a frontal assault with FF guys at left and right flanks (and middle, if there are three) and non-FF guys in between.  We can work at various trolling depths until bites or bait balls are found.  For those who have VHF, should we use channel 67 for comms?  We can avoid excessive "WAAAZZZUUUUPPP" chatter there.

From FCC:

NONCOMMERCIAL - Working channels for voluntary boats. Messages must be about the needs of the ship. Typical uses include fishing reports, rendezvous,scheduling repairs and berthing information. Use Channels 67 and 72 only for ship-to-ship messages.


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ok, I am way too amped and can't stop thinking of stratagies.  This may not be 100% kosher but here it goes.  If some get lucky and limit while others have zero, mark your small fish and pass it to someone with no fish.   This way we can ALL continue to fish and hopefully everyone paddles away with at least one fish.   :smt002


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Hey jnthn my understanding is "gifting" a fish is perfectly legal and does not count against your limit.

guest Brian G

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I won't make it early in the morning. Headlights aren't working. Gotta wait until its light out to make the drive. Means I won't be there until 7:30ish at the earliest.



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Quote from: Bill
Hey jnthn my understanding is "gifting" a fish is perfectly legal and does not count against your limit.

Gifting a fish is legal, however, I think it counts against your daily limit, except where boat rules are in effect.

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