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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: It's a ____ salmon! Or...?  (Read 3231 times)

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Derrick A2H

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Lol! Another wrench in the gears!
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Ooooo I just had another theory to add to our list...could it have washed down from Lewiston? Did it spill in 2010/11?

Winter of 2010-11 was a really big water year, so it's possible!  What lives in Lewiston anyway?
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So what the hell is a "Pinook?"  Is it a Filipino Salmonid?  Like a Pinoy chinook?  Or is it a very small Eskimo fish, like a "Pinner Nanook?"  :sign17::sign18:


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At least the portmanteau went with pinook. I can think of a less PC one with a chinook and a pink.


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At least the portmanteau went with pinook. I can think of a less PC one with a chinook and a pink.

I kinda like the chinink ;)
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Uminchu Naoaki

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How about this one!?!?!?