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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: RTM faster plastic  (Read 2360 times)

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  My perception of the kayak fishing culture is that it is largely comprised of long time anglers that have discovered a perfect vehicle for fishing and a great lifestyle. Often the SOT fishing platforms seem to be made for folks that don't have traditional paddling skills and really aren't that interested in developing them. They want to go fishing and they don't want to swim.
Who can blame them?
The boats are wide, hypodynamic, barges made to carry too much gear and sometimes too much paddler, but they are getting a lot more folks out enjoying the water and all the pleasures of fishing from kayaks. Hooray.
 But there is a sub group of recreational paddlers who played in whitewater, or surf, enjoyed the surf ski, or any other of the pure paddling disciplines. They didn't start slowing down to fish until later in their evolution. These folks find great pleasure in a strong, smooth sculling draw or carving an edge with an extended stern rudder. Students of hydrology that focus on not just mastering the singular skills, but merging them all and becoming Jedi like, with blades in hand.
There are very few fishing platforms designed for those who follow the path of the Jedi, but RTM makes a slick silent runner that attempts to satisfy the needs of the purer paddlers that want to go fishing.
Unfortunately its called the DISCO.
When you travel with Team Bridgeport there are few boat names that could be worse.
I would have called it "the saber" but they would twist it into sabrE' so it doesn't really matter.

14 feet of fast.
I find it faster than any generation of the Tarpon 160 as well as the Malibu 4.4.
It rips off the line and the glide is buttery.

25.6" of twitch.
I strap into this boat and it is reasonably easy to roll for a SOT.

I have not attempted to roll with the boat fully loaded for fishing. (yet)
It does require some core discipline when you are static.

51# one hand hauler. As I get older, this becomes a higher priority.

 I upgraded the bow hatch from tupperware to a locking hatch and put another locking hatch in the primary work space. This mod is essential since aft space access is challenging in some conditions.

I use the aft well for dry bagged gear that I will only need when not on the move or fishing.
All essential gear is accessible facing forward.

The seat well is a bucket/backband and a high priority on the project list. My challenges will be keeping my COG low while trying to increase the all day comfort factor that this boat is lacking.
And as I mentioned earlier, I strap into this boat. I like using the Ocean Kayak straps and find them more comfortable than others.

For pure recreational use, our paddling friends have little problems in the DISCO and all enjoy its effortless glide.

But when you start multi-tasking in this boat you learn that you have been signed up for swimming lessons. The price for this kind of ride is that you must respect the twitch.

I have enjoyed paddling this boat in flat conditions

swifter water

and in salt swells

and Ive even caught a few fish.

 It is always both challenging and pleasurable.

I use a 196 bent shaft W Sherpa with this boat.
240 users may feel unbalanced and end up swimming.

As far as rigging goes, I am almost halfway done.
I wanted to establish a thread foundation and share the work as it progresses.
I will be lining the work space with a combination of Hydro-turf / Conseal and mounting ram balls for GoPro work.
Otherwise this boat will be left clean and quick.

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Great overview, Terry.  I'd love to try to catch a salmon off a sleek machine like that.  Maybe I can give it a paddle at the Cove?...

I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

Loleta Eric's Guide Service

loletaeric@yahoo.com - call me up at (707) 845-0400


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Thats a nice looking boat, though I like my fishing barge, at one time when younger and slimmer I had a fishing canoe and a C1 slalom for fun.  This RTM looks a we bit more forgiving than my C1 but still plenty tippy.   Looking forward to your updates :)
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Great review!!

I also love the fact that you frequently include beautiful women in your pics, with all due respect to the ladies and their spouses/SOs of course.

Beautiful boats, fish, scenery and women...winning combo!




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I understand where you  are coming from. I was a whitewater/surf kayaker and seperately a fisherman until I put the two together. Being a paddler first the barges are brutal as far as performance IMO. But, there is hope.  :smt004

Stealth Kayaks Pro Staff

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Leave it to BigJim to say what the rest of us were thinking... :)
Do it until you scream, then a short pause is acceptable.
Mental?  perhaps


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Great write up Terry.  I want to try that boat next time.
Also big thanks to the cameraman on the document first/help later photo  :smt005

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Abking,  I will bring it when I head up there.
As far as fighting a trophy class salmon or any other really big violent fish,
I believe the paddler would find great value in a rudder on this boat.
Its not usually my thing but I am considering.
There is definitely potential for both an amazing ride and amazing fail. (documentation required)

Beautiful boats, fish, scenery and women...winning combo!




 I couldn't agree more Jim.

Ill confess that I was curious as to how the addition of the ladies in my contributions would go over.   So far, all ops are classy.
 I always appreciate the simple beauty in babes touching boats.
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I decided not to use these photos initially but changed my mind after realizing that even though they are blurry, they help convey the recreational nature of this super fun boat.

After recently applying the foundation of the Conseal material to this boat

and improving the bulkhead and internal floatation,

I needed to get it out on the water without a backband to see what my body will need for back support and if the grip sticker project should be continued.

I learned that there will be A LOT more grip material stretched over this boat.
First, I need to tackle the part of this project that I have dreaded.

Shaping the lower back support at the top of the bucket with mini-cell then hoping that the Conseal will be compatible and stretch over it.
Such dread that I imagine this will sit on the shelf for a few.

Applicable side note
While out enjoying that Disco glide, I managed to get into some fishing action.
This fish put me beyond the 100 LMB mark for KW 2K14.
Last year I caught 17.


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I also love the fact that you frequently include beautiful women in your pics, with all due respect to the ladies and their spouses/SOs of course.

I didn't notice one spouse or S.O...thankfully.  :smt003

Great write up T.


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 This boat is for sale in the classified section.


$400  Bishop CA