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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Melanoma sucks  (Read 4178 times)

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Sin Coast

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Sending positive vibes to the 2G family right now! And later tonight. And tomorrow and the next day. Until the healing is complete!
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Sending positive vibes to the 2G family right now! And later tonight. And tomorrow and the next day. Until the healing is complete!

+1 on that.

We're here for you all for as long as it takes.



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Herb Superb

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Sending positive vibes your way. Keep up the positive outlook on life. She will beat this cancer.


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Robin is in my prayers......hang in there
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Prayers and positive thoughts for Robin and family Eugene. Keep up the good fight! We are here for you!!!

Archie Marx

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Many in my family have been hit with melanoma.  Our thought are with you.
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Stay strong and sending positive vibe your way. Like Big Jim said, we are here for you if you need anything.

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This makes me really sad.  Wishing you all the best,  and as always,  shout out if you need anything.   The Morgan Family is sending our love.  Take care!
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I think it's easy to say we are all here for you ... as a family.

   If there is ANYTHING you need, I'm right here for ya in Watsonville & more than happy to help out.


Fish 'n Brew

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Positive thoughts coming your way.


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Thanks for letting us know about her wishes.  Keep us posted from time to time.  We care and are concerned about you and Robin and are pulling for you both. 


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Positive vibes coming your way... :smt001
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Prayers your way Eugene!


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Sending healing thoughts to Robin!  Stay strong bro! 



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This is terrible Eugene. I hope that your wife makes it through all this with a smile and a positive attitude. Our hearts are with you guys. Take care.
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