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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Clear Lake 8/23  (Read 1352 times)

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  Had just got home from a SoCal adventure and found that my new paddle had arrived. Still needed to unpack and fatigue was a factor, but I had to test it out. It is a beast that "Werner" built for me. They put a blade from their Coryvreken model, then used a extended bent shaft that puts this paddle at 240. Anyway got on the water and found that not only did the paddle perform beyond my expectations but the fishing was unhinged.
  Started out at a point in Konocti Bay, one of my usual haunts, and found shad moving along the edges of the reeds with the tell tale explosive blow-ups just beneath the surface. Went straight to a shad imitator rip bait and had immediate success that didnt stop (so it was the only lure I used). Over 12 fish in the 2 hours that I was out there and even had a double hook-up but one of the fish got loose before I had them to the boat,of course it was the larger of the 2.  Most of the fish were around the 13" to 15" range and smaller, except for this healthy catfish that was getting in on the shad action. Word on the street is that everything is working on the big bass pond.


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Nice cat - nice report.   :smt001
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

Loleta Eric's Guide Service

loletaeric@yahoo.com - call me up at (707) 845-0400


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Spider! That's what I want to hear!
Where did you launch to fish near Konocti?
You think a shad-lookin Rattletrap would have worked?
When was the wind an issue? What time did you fish?
I might go camp there tonight.
If you don't know where you're headed, any road could get you there.


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Will be at Clear Lake all weekend in my bass boat.


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the best place, in my opinion, to put in is on the south end of Konocti bay at a bar and grill called "Richmund Park"  its free for kayakers to launch there and when your done(or before you start) there is a cold one and a bacon cheeseburger within easy access.  the road sign to lead to the bar/grill is on the right side of soda bay road just past the riviera shopping center.  After putting in head north to the first point, its about 400 yards, and there are plenty of reed beds and docks to fish on the way. The beds at the point (both sides) is where I found the schooling shad. At higher water levels it is a great place to be protected from wind/waves. The wind was a bit of a factor yesterday evening but smoothed out about 6:30.   The rattletrap should be fine. I was using a suspending rip bait. 2 rips then a slow reteave followed by another 2 rips. Beware the plentful plant life with the heavier, sinking rattletrap.
The water was stained more than usual but I blamed that on the recent "BoardStock" event, but it didnt hurt the fishing at all.  good luck.


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when your done(or before you start) there is a cold one and a bacon cheeseburger within easy access

mt007 :smt007  That's what I'm talking about!  Nice report...gotta get over there!!!

Hat Trick

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all of a sudden i'm hungry, and thirsty!


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Great report, and thanks for the Konocti launch, I have been wanting to fish that area.......all that with a cheeseburger and a cold one to boot!  Count me in.....


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all of a sudden i'm hungry, and thirsty!
Thanks for the details in detail! :smt002 I haven't been this year and need to do it!
Ya!Burger&Beer sounds good after a day of "SETTIN HOOKS" I dont enjoy the drive,but if they're cooperating,its ON!Anybody interested in going?Sat.
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  Im headed out saturday evening 5:30 till 9ish from Richmund Park and heading east.
 all are welcome to join.