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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: A "far-from-formal" introduction  (Read 409 times)

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Hey everybody, i'm Jack. Pacifica local, and new to NCKA. Some of you might know me from NCUH, because i was "persuaded" to join from guys on there for the DOTY comp.

I've been fishing from my kayak for years. Mostly rockfish, and sometimes bass/trout when we go camping at lakes and stuff. Also, grew up ab diving with my family, but just recently started spearfishing a lot more. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone on here, just like I have from NCUH.

This will be my first attempt at DOTY, but I just hope to find some new species, get some new records, improve on my own hunting abilities, and meet some fellow divers/fishermen.

Happy new year everyone!     :smt003


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Welcome Jack!!!

Glad you made it over here and look forward to seeing your fish in DOTY this year!




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I just hope to find some new species, get some new records, improve on my own hunting abilities, and meet some fellow divers/fishermen.

Happy new year everyone!     :smt003

Oh you will!!!


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Glad to see you made it over Jack!!!


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Welcome to the maddness, but it seems you're partly infected already :)
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Mental?  perhaps


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Welcome to NCKA Jack  :smt006
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Jack, as another dive addict NCKA helps put a fishn' rod in my hand and enjoy the knowledge and brotherhood offered by the folks. Glad to see you here and maybe we can both put freshwater fish on the AOTY board instead of always chasing saltwater fish and poken'em with a sharp stick :smt006