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Topic: Cobra Fish'n Dive  (Read 1295 times)

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Nor Cal Drifter

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How is the Cobra Fish'n Dive for a big guy? Like 6'7" 325lbs big. How does it compare to the WS Ride 135?


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Both great boats for sure. I'd say find a spot you can demo them and see what your preference will be.

If I had to choose it would be the ride.
On the other hand the only yak I ever regret selling was my fnd.
You got a helluva choice to make have fun with it.
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I have two Cobra fish n Dives...bought the second for my gaL after she tried mine and  I am 6-6 3/4 and 310-20 on a good day...Okay Im fat some

anyways it..to me...and it is only my first yak...it is a no frills ....no bells and whistles...giant flat platform that is as stable As anything out there and some....it does have one draw back and that is the heel moldings take some getting used to and forget wearing a real shoe...a wetsuit boot will fit....plenty of storage

I got one used for 600 with a lot of goodies

the new one with a quality seat and paddle kit was 1036.00 out the door......giant waves and swell...no problem...huge motor boat wake...no problem....but...it will be slower than sleek yaks and it does cacth a wave coming in if your not careful it's bulk will ride the wave in before you can react.....i watch now and get out waste high water,,,read the reviews...or come to monterey and take mine for a day anytime
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