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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Swimming in the GW triangle 8/12/2006  (Read 1642 times)

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I know this is PB related but thought I would share with my 'yak brothers. No offense if it is deleted...
We made the trip out of moss after meeting Steve (Mistress) at the boat in Gilroy. Girls with bikinis hopped up on Dramamine and ready to kill fish. Though the weather never provided warm enough temps to warrant bikini wearing.

I just got done cutting up 40 RF and a ling. Tired still from the long day and getting ready for work tonight. The short is, the boat (The Mistress) was awesome, and we limited out on RF and had a few lings bite yet only one was a keeper at 26"+.

Lots of big olive and some vermilion rockfish were had by all. The girls did well, and killed their share of fish. No green faces, no sun, mild wind.

The quote of the day over the radio: Jose - "Hey I saw someone go overboard, you guys all right." Cpt. Steve's response - "Yup, we're good. I brought my retriever with me!"

The quote was directed at my pacific swim yesterday. The Girls crapped them selves when in a split second I decided to make a swim after a grandma rod took a plunge. I found myself in a predicament. I had my rig hooked to a kelp stringer that wasn’t budging. A nice swell hit us from my backside and I felt I was going over. In the split second I had a choice to make, let go of the rod and grab the boat or go in with the rod. Instinct set in and I released the rod to save myself. Then within "3 milliseconds," I made the decision that the rod (Irreplaceable) and avet MXL reel (on its 3rd trip) weren't to be lost without a fight. I didn’t say a word, everyone just heard "SPLASH" as I dove in. Swimming with my eyes open, I reached for the rod and it was 6 inches away, kick and swim more, same deal. The rod was sinking faster than I could swim to it. I knew if I came up for air, I would drift and never find the rod. I stuck it out. Felt like I had been swimming for 2mins... Finally I reached the rod as shock started to set in. Not sure if it was shock as to stupidity in regards to swimming in the GW triangle or due to water temp. As I began to surface, I felt an "oh-crap" come over me as I looked up and saw only the bottom of the boat (looked like a model baot from my view) which made me think shark for some reason, yet again. I felt my hat fall off my head as I was swimming up, I just bought that darn hat and I liked it, so I paused and grabbed it. Now swimming with rod in one hand, hat in the other. As I made my way to the side of the boat I jumped over on (Knowing they would all be looking over that rail) I surfaced and took a huge gasp for air. My buddy Billy was holding on and reaching for me. I lost most muscle control and realized I must release something to grab for his hand. "Forget the hat" I told myself and let it float. The boat/hand was out of reach as it was now moving faster in the drift than I. Kick, one-armed swim; kick and I finally reach his hand. As he held on, I said get the rod from me! Somehow the rod left my hand and made it to the boat. Maybe Steve grabbed it, I am not sure. As Billy grabbed me out of the water, I didn't have the strength to pull myself all the way in, which surprised me. I had been a surfer and ocean swimmer for a lot of my life. I guess water temp takes a lot out of you. So cal waters don't reach these freezing temps, or if they do, we wear 3/4mil suits. I was wearing two T's, a thin long-sleeved shirt, shorts, my camo waterproof pants, sneakers and socks. I was COLD. He grabbed for my waistline and pulled me in the rest of the way. On board again, I knew it was over and scored one sweet rod and a killer story.

The girls had looks of shock on their face as I said "get the dang camera, I don't do this often." Shannon handed me her rod and snapped the first photo... Screw it, I'll fish it while they dig for cameras!

Before the swim.

After the swim.

(Notice the waterfall from each elbow)

After a few photos, I knew I needed to get out of the cold clothes or be worse off. Between all of us and Nicole's great thinking I came up with a towel and another set of clothes to wear.

Nicole and Billy had a blast. Here they are dying laughing at the memories made that day. Lots of laughing and fun was had while killing fish.

As promised, I helped Steve with all that was needed to run/clean the boat.

Oh yeah, the hat made it too, Billy said he fished the floating hat out of the water as I was shivering and changing out of the wet gear! Score number two… Thanks B-man.

On the way home, the diesel truck gave us some problems and lets just say it took a long time to make it home. I wasn't about to leave before knowing all was well. After getting another friend of his to come tow the boat and recovering my truck from the boat yard, we left Steve waiting for a tow company with proper gear to pull his camper. Left Hwy 156/2? at about 7pm. Got to the boat and gear. Emptied the boat of all our gear and fish and cleaned up all I could.

I can't thank you enough Steve, it was a great trip even if we had difficulties getting home. I hope all is ok with the truck and you too made it safe.

Note to self, even though shoes are water proof, they make bad water socks, all water stays inside of them!

P.s. I still have the avet I won at the MMGT'06, thanks to my swim! After much thought, I don't think I would do it again. There were atleast 2 GW sightings in Monterey in the last week. I said a prayer and thanked my luck stars afterwards.

This falls in the category of things to tell the kids, "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Things I didn't think of before making the dive:
- I could have gone into schock because of the water temp and took a huge gasp of salt water. No good.
- I could have drifted into kelp (All very close) and got tangled.
- Hypothermia!
- My Grandma is still alive and could remake that rod.
- An Avet isn't worth a life.
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Where are the pics of the bikini chicks?

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HAHAHAHA they refused... said it was too cold. I wish the sun would have broke.

Water temp. 50.4.
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I don't know what is more distrubing, they thought of you dying for a rod and reel or the vision of you freeballing in the rain pants.  :smt003

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LMAO... good one Bill.

I did have an extra pair of shorts on under the wannabe grundens. I did rock it commando style though.

The thought of dying for a rod and reel never crossed my mind. This is why I choose to share the story and added the last part about things I didn't think of before jumping off of the boat.

Next dive will only be after a brick of gold falls in. Or within SoCal waters. Arg!
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Extremely entertaining read! And hilarious comments from the peanut gallery.
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