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Topic: Greetings and Looking for tips on rigging Malibu Pro2 Tandem  (Read 349 times)

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Hi all,

I am a newbie and gald to become part of this really cool group.  I have been reading posts for about 2-3 months and finally pulled the trigger in purchasing a slightly used Malibu Pro2 tandem with the goal of fishing with my 9yr old son. I also plan on using the kayak for ab diving next season.  We plan to start at a local reservoir first, then may troll along Napa river, with the ultimate goal of nailing rock cods and lings out on the Sonoma coast.

I would like to ask you pros a few questions.

- I feel more secure paddling from the back so that I can keep my eye on my son, although I notice that the yak tacks better when I sit in front. Any suggestion?
- What is the best position to mount a fish finder, given the different sitting configurations (adult in back, front, or solo?)
- The two factory flush mount rod holders are installed in the middle by the previous owners, which make the fishing poles standing nearly straight up and interfering with paddling. Any tips on better mounting positions?
- What combination of hatches works best for this yak?  Currently there is none.
- I have a Humminbird 120 portable FF with a clamp on mount, of which I am uncertain if it can even clamp on to the yak securely.  Meanwhile, someone just gave me an old Eagle Cuda 168 that requires mounting the transducer inside the hull.  Given the age of the Cuda, I am not sure if it is worthwhile. Any opinion will be appreciated or suggestion for a good and economical FF for this yak.

Sorry for the long note, but I just hate to start drilling holes in the yak without learning more from the experienced folks.  Any link or picture showing a tricked out Pro2 will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.

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