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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Half Moon Bay Kayak Company!  (Read 2834 times)

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Just read an article by Tom Stienstra on the Chronicle today.  He mentioned about the sit on tops that can be rented by the Harbor for $15.00. The kayaks are equipped with a GPS transmitter, which is linked to a computer that is monitored at the base station. Great place to take newbies out on a test run. I think they rent out Cobra Kayaks.

He also mentioned about the productive Perch fishing in the Harbor from a  kayak. I've caught some nice "dinner-plate-size" perch right on the boat launch. Unfortunately, you can't fish from the dock. But you can always park your yak right next to it and toss small cast masters under the dock or use a strip of squid under a float. You can actually see the perch hang tight to the docks  :smt081

Bill, we should invite this guy to one our fishing expeditions sometime. Maybe he can write a story about our new site and give us some exposure?
I have an extra kayak he can use.

watcha think?


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Sounds cool Joel, I chatted a bit with the guy that rents kayaks before, he seems like a cool guy.

I think we should invite Tom out as soon as it makes sense. Maybe when the Salmon are at Linda Mar or rockfish opens, whichever is sooner. I would hate to take him out and not catch fish.

After Xmas I hope to have a light/ultralight spinning setup, it would be fun to hookup with a monster perch on lighter tackle.


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I know a guy at the Chron that is interested, we should set it up.


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The guys at Half Moon Bay are super friendly and offer reasonable prices.  I was fishing HMB the first weekend they opened and they let me spray my boat off with their hose and helped me carry my yak to my car.  I've been waiting for the weekend weather to let up so I can get a few of my friends out on the water to do some crabbing.