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Topic: RIP Brother Joel  (Read 25002 times)

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Good Bye for now Brother Joel.  Fostering safe kayak fishing and promoting great friendships was your gift!

Joel's insistence about "Getting Checked" is the single most important thing we can all do... in His Honor.
NCKA Angler of the Year 2010 1st Place, 2009 2nd Place, 2008 3rd Place          

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Ariel Sea

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I am deeply saddened by the loss of you Joel. I just found out now. My condolences go out to your family and your tribe of friends in NCKA and non-NCKA. You have truly blessed our lives. I will miss you dearly and never forget you.
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RIP and Smooth Sailing brother Mooch. You will be missed.



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"Success is living the life you love"  -Mooch

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 With Deep Sadness we say Farewell, but there will always be a happy place in my heart remembering Brother Joel.  RIP my Friend.


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Thanks Bill (Administrator) for that brief introduction to Mooch for us new members. It sounds like we missed a great man. My heart goes out to all who were close to him. May he live on through this site.

"Look for it in yourself - it's there, and it has many forms.  "It" is a way to live that benefits you by doing your best to do the right thing by others." LoletaEric


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  Hard to type at the moment, I just now found the thread about Joel.  I will miss him.

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RIP brother.  Thank you, it was always a pleasure, joy and honor to have known you.


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A long life is not necessarily a good one.  But a life lived well is always long enough.

RIP Brother Joel.
- 1st place 2010 New Melones Trout Bout
 - Skunked at RBC2 2011
but have always had a great time at every NCKA event I've had the good fortune to attend.

"A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be."  - A. Lincoln

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Had a great time at the AR hook up today & thinking about you, Brother Mooch...
Thank you so much for this brotherhood!!!

I know he used to like to be called Hana Pa'a
remind me of this song...

Miss you, brother & until we will meet again...


porky (bp)

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Very sad. A good man, the only man to put me at ease with our familys loss.. Ill never forget you or your family..

Brent, Raquel, Hailey


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RIP Joel.  You were a true Ambassador to the club and the sport.  You were always willing to spend time to chat and always welcoming to those you have just met.    I am blessed to have met you several times and you were a true luminary.  We are all better humans because of your fine example of kindness.



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Have been looking at these posts some years now and got a kayak 3 years ago.  Before I had it, kept my eyes glued to this site. When I first got my Kayak and caught the first fish I really knew what "Welcome to the Madness" meant.  Paid attention to the regulars, they seemed to come up with new things and what struck me most is the love showed to Mooch.  His posts were completely sincere in his want to always help. Been to quite a few events and finally met Joel at the MBK tournament. Was happy to see he looked good so I was shocked to hear of his passing. Lost 2 close friends to cancer and am reminded that life is fleeting, to never take anything or anyone for granted. RIP Mooch. I hope to carry the spirit of your generosity towards others in my actions and in my heart.


empty net

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unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Joel, but I have been inspired by his posts of knowledge.  His influence in the kayak community and his friendship will be truly missed.



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I had the pleasure to meet Joel recently. I wish I had a chance to fish with him. I can see He has touched so many lives and for that it makes me want to be a better man. My Prayers and sympathy go out to his family as well as all the ones he has unfortunately left behind. May your transition to the other side be a swift one