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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: MBK Two-peat by Pat  (Read 2425 times)

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Pat Kuhl does it again!.  It would take three of his halibuts from this year to equal his flatty from last, but he pulled the rabbit outta the hat again.

WTG SinCoast Pat Kuhl!!!

Great derby guys and gals.  Thanks so much for your continuing support of MBK Derby and by extension, the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project.  Despite the somewhat late announcement of this contest, we had a record number of participants- 68.

The weather was cooperative, and the seas were flat.  After the 6am parking lot prep, everyone met on the beach for a Monte Carlo start.

The Hotel area is knkow for halibut this time of year and Pat fished there, of course.  he got a nice 12-pounder  using squid and a complicated rig that I can't even remember.  Two hooks, I remember that!  For his big fish of the day, Pat went home with a brand- new Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7.  And, he derserves it.  It's been a good year for Sincoast!!

We saw a lot of cookie cutter lings, five or six within a half-pound of each other.  That was tough, but 2d place was eventually snaggged by Keith Nguyen, Lost Anchovie, with a 7-pound, 5-ounce snaggle-tooth.   And he went home with a new PFD!

A six pound, 12 ounce ling netted Ty Do 3d spot on the leader board.

Robert Culver , "Rob" was in first place for a long time, with a 6.11 Ling, and Scott Gee, Great Bass 2 right behind him with a 6.8

The dogs were huge, thanks Scott for cooking up a storm, and thanks fto MBK for hosting this Derby once again.  Special thanks also to ocean kayaks, and Mike Mowrey of Tsunami Sales and Marketing for providing the Ultra-Cool 1st Prize!

Enjoy the shots I took, and post your own!!!
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More-  thanks!!!!!!!!


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I'm smiling right now thinking about all of it.  Thanks for the great job Bushy dude.  Congrats Pat. 

Good times.

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Two-peat Pat! lol. Local's rule.
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Looks liek a great time. I'm sad to have missed it.

Congratulations Pat!
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Thanks for the kind words guys. I certainly appreciate it.
Props to MBK for another successful tourney and big thanks to Mike Mowery & Ocean Kayaks. That Ultra 4.7 is a killer kayak and am very grateful to win it. Oh yeah, and then there's Allen Bushnell -- none of this is possible without your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for the madness. You're like the cool, salty Uncle I never had!

I took my sweet ass time launching because everybody was busting balls saying they were going to follow me to the secret spot...so I let everybody get a head start then got onto my Hobie Revolution and pedaled my butt all the way north of Sand City.

It was surprisingly clear early but the fog rolled in by the time I got to the fleet off seaside by MY6 buoy. There was a fleet of boats fishing halibut there the last few days so I kinda knew there was a good bite going. At one point, I counted 19 boats and 3 kayaks in the area. Most of the contestants spread out towards Cannery Row, the mile buoy, or the beach hotel.
But I was on a mission to get me a butt and the fog provided a timely smokescreen. Queue the A-Team theme song! 

The sanddabs were plentiful and there are still tons of octopi. I bagged about a dozen octopi before releasing the rest...pulling up 2-4 at a time, even clinging to my sinker! Drifting was a waste of bait, so I deployed my patented three-way straw rigs LOL and got my trooch on. The straw keeps the line from wrapping as I drop it down...because if you don't keep moving forward while letting line, it'll get all tangled, especially when using 3 different types of lines/diameters. This can be tricky in a kayak.

I gave it a nice long leader of 14lb mono to the 6oz cannonball sinker and shortened my leader to 30" w/a 5/0 octo & 4/0 ahi stinger. Slowly working my way along the 60-70ft contour, I was still hooking a few octopussies but not nearly as bad as when I drifted. I was running out of squid and began prepping a bounce-ball rig when I saw Dan trolling  towards me. That's when my rod pumped twice then started pulling drag! This could be the one! I engaged the reel and knew immediately it was a halibut. I slowly cranked it up, trying not to horse it.
Target Confirmed: "it's a butt!" But the stinger hook was barely dangling...crap! Normally I play out my fish but this situation required a hot gaff. So I sunk the gaff and got her on the gameclip in 1 swoop...it went nuts on the surface and my hooks (w/half a squid dangling) went flying past my face and over the kayak haha! Talk about luck!
The fish looked about 32" and maybe 15lbs...but maybe big enough to win the Tourney. I commenced to kayak multitasking--beating the crap out of this fish's skull while poppin' tabs on Coors and hustling back to the beach. I was maybe 4 miles away when I hooked up, so it was a long paddle/pedal home. It was a sloppy paddle and I was in a buzzed/super-stoked/euphoric/victorious/delerious state of mind. Plus I was hungry. So it was perfect timing to intercept Etienne on his fully-rigged Hobie Adventure Island---he has a sweet BBQ on the yak and was grillin up some brats! Thank you man, it was perfect.

Back on the beach with 10 minutes to spare, I lugged my fish across the beach to the weigh-in table. 12lbs even and the current leader. Well that 10 minutes took forever, but after final call that was it...I won again! Ha, maybe I should buy some lotto tickets. 

My family was already planning to meet me at the beach after weigh-in for some beach-time. But when they showed up, and I said I won...they thought I was full of shit (again). Just in time for the awards ceremony LOL. Then we played on the beach for a few hours before going home to make fish tacos & watch the Niners get their asses kicked...ouch! :-( I guess I can't have everything.

OK enough talking, errr bragging. Here's the part you scrolled down for = pictures!
Unfortunately, I didn't take that many. Too busy having fun.

Clear upon launch

Selfie with a Butt on my lap

I got Etienne to snap a pic for me but his dang BBQ is in the shot haha!

His rig OTW

Parking lot glory shot LOL

Beach day was successful

Fish tacos were delicious. I think my wife is more stoked on the fish than the kayak. But my daughter Rosie was not so stoked on the fish...she wouldn't get near the thing, even with a glove!

Ahh, lest I forget...here is my patented three-way straw rig!
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Congrats to the prize winners and all participants.  You all are winners in my book.  Sorry I missed this event due to work schedule!
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Congrats Pat! 

Way to do it again!



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Congratulations Pat.  On another note- that flexi straw anti tangle device is ingenious. 

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Congratulations on the back to back wins Pat!
Nice halibut too :smt006
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very interesting. I like the straw rig. thanks for the info sincoast.  :smt006
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Nice going Pat! Pat has SKIILLLZZZ - he  always catches his target fish - that says a lot. It's not luck anymore, It's called knowledge, patience and perseverance.

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Right on, Pat.


Hmmm. First Joe, then Pat. Maybe there's some kind of Islander "Big Three" mojo type of thing going on and I'm up next to win Cambria?

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