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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Cache Creek (Lake County) non yak  (Read 1320 times)

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Loch Leven

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So I decided to go and try Cache Creek for some trout. I had been there a few times , turning rocks, waiting for a hatch of some kind. My first instincts were that it was cold water which is a + , but I noticed alot of mud and or clay. So I wasnt sure .  I called a few bass shops around here just to see what info I could get.  One guy said that there should be some browns and some eagle lake trout that was planted long ago. So off I went at about 630 pm.  Started with a decent size stimulator , just to see if I could get anything up.  Nada.   So I switched to a Prince Nymph (one of the top 5 flys in my opinion).  Did a few drifts and then BAM!.  Fish on!..  I had to trot downstream just to keep him on, as he was a runner!.  Finally got him to shore after a good 5 minute battle..  I have a simple 5 weight LL Bean Rod , and a floating line with a 5x leader.  Ive been doing so much bait fishing for Halibut etc, that I forgot how nice it is to have a fight on my fly rod.  He turned out to be a 15 inch Rainbow.  Had some markings like an Eagle lake trout would have , but not as colorful.  It had been awhile so I kept him .   Hiked up a bit , did a few drifts,  same fly,  BAM!  A Hog!  fought him for about 5 minutes too , got him close, thinking he was a brown and BlAAA.  it was a damn Sucker!  I was pissed but I laughed.  He had to be about 18 inches.  So i let him go, lost my license in the process  :smt013 and home I went ,  Cooked up the trout on the Foreman with some butter, light garlic powder, cracked pepper, pinch of salt and mixed in with some boiled red potatoes and broccoli. 

im stoked on this one since im only about 15 min from it!..  Still a fast moving creek, but I plan to get to know it much better.
fishing is an addiction that never goes away

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Congrats Loch Leven, I've been using my 6wt and 9wt for so long chasin large and stripe bass I'd probably brake my three wt. Got a question for you and any body else for that matter. Has any body seen any Hexagenia Hatches? Biggest mayfly there is...beautiful golden yellow creature. When a hex hatch happens it's like some body is throwing rocks in the water.
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Loch Leven

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  • Location: Clearlake,Ca
  • Date Registered: Jan 2006
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Thanks bro, sorry i have been off this section for some time.  Never seen that one hatch.  Ive seen plenty of october caddis and golden stone flys up on the Upper Sac.  Those things are hugo..   usually match that hatch or go with a madam x with the legs cut off  basically a stimulator.   Going up to the East Walker come a few weeks.  I love it up there, talk about some hogs!.
fishing is an addiction that never goes away