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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Rigged out Hobie Outback  (Read 1348 times)

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Posting this from another board if there are any others out there looking to rig up an Outback. Tons of good ideas on this post:


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  Wow that's a lot of holes!  I've though about putting a bilge pump in my OB, but then thought, if I have water enough in the hull that I need to "Pump" it out, there's something wrong! 
  I like the idea of the small rail system, but again there's a whole lota holes for them, and weight.  Maybe that's why he has the bilge pump!

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Wow, what a great link, thanks for posting it!

CGN, like you, I was initially anxious about punching holes in my yak, but after speaking with the Hobie tech team, they suggest using either RTV sealant or Marine GOOP because they have experienced very little problem with water intrusion.  To whit, I find that most of the water in my boat comes from leaks in the hatches, particularly from my Revo-16's center hatch, which I use often during fishing.

  • Small holes = small leaks, big holes....
  • Another great sealant is a thin patch of butyl elastomer, like Ice & Water Shield, AS LONG as it is kept out of the sun
  • 3M's VHB tape:  I have successfully attached some accessories with VHB tape after I spoke with 3M's tech representative, who told me it is specifically designed for use with the HDPE tape our boats are made of. (clean w/ alcohol prior to adherence).  The value of VHB is that it doesn't create any holes.

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I added the square center hatch, full length H-Rails, horizontal rod bracket for 3 rods, and a side imaging Humminbird depth sounder/chartplotter to my wife's 2017 camo Outback.  It already came with the sailing rudder and turbo fins as part of the special edition camo package.  The other thing, missing from this pic, is that she now has a SuperNova LED light kit on there as well.  She has blue lights along the outside of the bow and red lights throughout the interior.  The light switches that I used were flush mounted waterproof anti-vandal switches so there's no worry of breaking off a toggle switch while maneuvering around inside the seating area.  There's a 21aH SLA battery inside the hull that is accessed through the center square hatch to power everything.

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