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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Mini-X and Spider Seat  (Read 992 times)

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Dan V

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First Trip with my Mini-X , I am impressed  !  :smt003  Stable and plenty of usable room . Did not add anymore poleholders yet as I wanted to paddle this kayak and get the positioning correct . Tracks very straight as long as you don't try to sprint , then it sort of does a walk the dog , bass lure style . Thats OK as I'm not going anywhere too fast at this time in life !

Bought the " Spider " seat by COD , nicely padded with a somewhat thick stiffer pad that is grooved allowing ventilation . Was pretty comfortable  for my 3 hour ride . Was going to buy another seat by COD , but there was a 3 month back order - could not wait that long  :smt012 , so the Spider was my second choice . Between catching it at a lower price and some frequent buyer points I ended up getting it for $25 through Wayfair .

All said , this kayak , seat and my Bending Branches paddle have put a big grin on my face , time to start the few mods I want / need . :smt003


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Welcome to "Team Mini-X". I have two and love 'em. Great little boat.


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Congratulations on a successful maiden voyage! I am glad the Mini-X handled so well for you. Wayfair is interesting I may give them a try for a couple of little things. How low was the pre buyer points price for the spider seat?
   :smt003, Amos
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Glad you like it Dan I love being able to carry my mini with 1 hand  :smt007
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