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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: NCKA Pet pics  (Read 51780 times)

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  • Kim
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Kim, have you gotten the Bdog onto your yak?

No I haven't gotten the Bulldog on the yak yet - but after seeing the Bulldog on the yak during the Giants All Star Game - I'm going to give it a try (lake only though - no ocean - especially the boston terrier - looks too much like chum!) :)

Love it!

spinal tap

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Spinal Tap,

Your dog is gorgeous! I kind of think mine are too though ;)




Thanks Kim,  he's a good dog and loves the water...a little too much. 


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We got a new addition to the family on Friday.. KONA!
He's an 11 month old Siberian Husky/Shepherd mix.



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husky/sheperds rule  :smt003
pronounced "Pie-see-in"
"Every day is a fishing day, but not every day is a catching day"-Countryman
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Diesel - 3 year old Lab/Retriever Mix.  He fits in the tankwell of the X Factor and is doing a pretty good job of staying in for the duration of the ride.  Now I need to train him NOT to chase the lure when I cast it...


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Mike / Mickfish and his loyal fishing buddy at the Russian River.....

Pacifica rd

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My german shorthair with a 41 lb striper


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Long overdue, pics of my best buddy Shiro, taken last weekend at Bear River Reservoir.  He's an American Eskimo, and if he looks a bit pooped it's because he's 14 years old and still giving the camping gig his best shot.  :smt003

You don't quit playing because you get old, you get old because you quit playing...


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Usagi...Shiro sure is one hella cute ol man.
I recently had to put my 16yr old Lab, Althea aka Piggy down. She swam after the ball untill about a month before i had to do it. I miss her so much! I'm a bachelor, so invest way too much emotionally in my dogs. Heres a pic from about a year ago. also one of my pride and joy, Althea's son and pick of the litter, Buffel. A 100lb Lab Sharpei mix As a youngster he would catch brook trout in the riffels. He sniffs the water surface and works upstream and pounces. he brings them to show me before eating them. Does he need a fishing licence? many people think labs were bred for birding. not so. they were bred by cod fishermen and used to bail overboard to collect the floaters.
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SF Alex

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Nice dogs!

Here is my late friend D.O.G the wonder dog. He has more character in one paw than half the people I work with  :smt003

....and my new roommates dog, Jack. He is grows on me a little every day, although I do not have have permission to take him fishing. Girls like him and thats what really counts.


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Here's my friend Zander. 5 year old Yellow Lab.


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our oversized Ratdog Paco!!!
"are you freaking kidding me?"


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our oversized Ratdog Paco!!!

 :smt005 That first photo is priceless, and just begging (pardon the pun) for a caption.  Something like "Senor Mooch, thees eez mai man dog! Jou stayz away."  :smt005
You don't quit playing because you get old, you get old because you quit playing...

Eric B

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The yellow-eyed demon on a break between bluebelly lizard patrols.  I'm generally more of a dog guy, but I inherited her and she's been a good cat.  Loves to eat gophers.



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Bella now, and Bella then.  Yellow to the core.