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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Newbie  (Read 862 times)

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Hey guys!

     My name is Jackson. You may know my dad, Tote. You may have even been fishing with my dad and I out in San Pablo Bay. But anyway, I love to fish. My dad and his friends have taught me everything that I need to know! I like to fish for almost anything. I like fishing for Trout because it is challenging at times. But when I get tired of not catching Trout, I  like to go rock fishing where I know I will drill them almost every time! I haven't done much halibut or sturgeon fishing, I am dying to catch them both. I also love to go Abalone diving with my dad. But still not as much as fishing. I am looking forward to fishing with you guys!


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Hi Jackson,
 I fished with your Dad at Hogan-had a good time.


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hey jackson, fished with your dad and becky in tahoe a couple of weeks ago. hopefully next time you can make it. my birthday is a few days after yours. we can celebrate catching some lings at elk. hoe to meet you soon. say hello to your pops, Brad


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Welcome Chub! Looks like you'll give Chris / Jellyfish a run for the junior angler of the year!


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Welcome aboard Chub-

Hopefully, you can make it to some of the outings this year. I missed fishing with your dad the other weekend... hopefully, we can all share some water some time.

Tight lines,



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Hey Chub.... welcome.  I've fished with your dad too.  He's great guy.... even if he mistakenly made you throw back a cabezon of a lifetime. :smt002
I look forward to meeting you and fishing with you guys.

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welcome youngman :smt006
got saltwater


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Hey Chub welcome aboard. Your dad is one cool dude! Hope you guys can make it to one of our events this year.


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Chub, you are a good writer too, look forward to your reports as they happen.


john m. airey