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Topic: Winter time halibut  (Read 1408 times)

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Jason S.

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Hey guys i have always down my halibut fishing in spring and early summer then i always stop fishing because its hunting season through winter. This year i was wanting to try my hand at finding some winter time halibut in the monterey area but anywhere in the bay would do. I was wondering mainly at what depth should i start fishing for them this time of year and which part of the bay would be best (monterey.moss landing.santa cruz). Any info would be great thanks..;D

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I've never fished for them in the winter up here in the bay area, but we would sometimes chase them down on the central coast in the winter. We'd be in about 80-100 feet of water. Not the fastest paced fishing, but when you hook up, they are big ones...


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Halibut can be caught throughout the year. However, the best time to catch halibut is during May-September, when halibut come in more shallow to spawn.

During those months, halibut are frequently caught between 75'-50' in Monterey in front of the hotel/Tioga. If ya fish for em in the winter, ya wanna go a lil deeper just as AlexB stated. He's also right that big ones are found often during wintertime; I've heard couple boats still catching halibut (bigguns too) outta Pajaro and Monterey.

Of the 3 mentioned areas: all are good spots for hali. However, your level of sea kayaking will also determine where is best for ya. Moss Landing would be the most challenging outing of the three with SC being the easiest.

Good luck out there if ya ever do chase for em! I really wanna see a report from ya holding one proudly :)


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I tried for some halibut today. Near hog island in tomales. Not much action. Did get a decent bite, he was on there but then got off :smt009. Drifted a little longer, pulled up my bait and half of it was bitten off  :smt013
Idk why my stinger hook didnt get him. owell maybe next time.

Jason S.

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Well thanks for the info... i will prolly go out on a non yak trip soon in search of a hog

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