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Topic: 4th of Sept.... lost and confused  (Read 470 times)

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It's been a tough few weeks and I finally can shove everything aside to nab some fish. 
I have Tuesday off... because I'll have to work next Saturday ( they wont pay overtime) So i'd like to fish it to it's fullest.
 Problem is, I dont know what to go for.
I have waders, but no wetsuit. So the saltwater is out.  I would like to go for salmon, just dont know where my best chances are. ( could try and find an open spot with a guide ) Wouldnt mind going for some kokanee in the lakes, but it's going to be a 90+ deg. burner.   gee's what a whinner. :smt005
 So that's the delema. I havent been out much to know where to go. 

Anybody have any ideas? anybody care to drag me along?
- Joe


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Ocean water kind of cold along the San Francisco costal stretch up north and down south these past several weeks.  I was yak sailing at Lake Pillsbury few weeks ago with high 90s temp but trouts are catchable at 35-45 deep water.  Nice place to fish with shorts.   BTW - You need no 4w drive to get there.