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Topic: Another Kayak on Freeway Story  (Read 1575 times)

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A freind of mine and myself had just gotten back to Del Monte beach at Monterey Bay Kayaks from a full day of paddling. We loaded our boats on to my truck and went inside the store to drool over all of the cool stuff.
We got on the freeway and I went up to my normal speed which is about 75. We got to Marina which is about 6 miles and I remembered that I needed to get some gas. Getting back on the freeway I took the wrong on ramp and headed back to Monterey instead of the other way. I heard a really loud noise and just as I was saying 'what the heck was that?' I looked in my rear veiw mirror and saw my freinds kayak sitting IN BETWEEN the on ramp and the freeway. My freind said 'Oh I forgot to put the straps on!'. NO S***! I said. It was a wooden kayak, and the damage was a lot less than expected. But here's where the grace of God comes in. How the heck that thing stayed on my truck while I drove 75 miles an hour for 6 miles is beyond me. It chose to come off when I was only doing about 40 and when it did it landed exactly in the only place a car probably wouldnt hit it, right in between the on ramp and the freeway. I cant imagine what would have happened if we had lost in on the freeway earlier. Good grief........... :smt012


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It's good to live a charmed life.  It's time for you to catch a halibut, Kim!
Saltwater is the cure for everything that ails us,
sweat, tear or the sea.


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Hey I got my Marauder yesterday! Ive been busy getting it all dialed in. I think Im going to try it out this weekend with Pete. He wants to catch a halibut too. I forget where he said we were going, I'll let you know. My new boat is cool, but it weighs a million pounds compared to my kevlar. Should be interesting to see how I will get it onto my truck by myself....