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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: In Memoriam  (Read 5189 times)

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Sorry to bring this thread back. But I just wanted to make a brief post to let people know that a fellow member passed away recently (back on Valentines day). I just found out last night.

Howard Suzuki was known as Rising_Sun here, but he was an active participant on many different fishing clubs/sites. He was always one of the first to offer help or bring food to events. He attended the last two O'Neill Forebay Fish & Chills. Last year he had to leave early so he simply gave me his potluck contribution to share with everybody...bunch of quality steaks & fish if I recall.
Not sure about the causes or what happened. But it's a good reminder to appreciate what you/we got. Don't take shit for granted. RIP uncle Howie.
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Thank you for sharing this pat. I was thinking about doing the same recently just wasn't sure what to write.
 He fell ill shortly after last years fnc. He meet up with a local Facebook group on Pedro. At the end of the day he never returned to the launch. The group he was with was notified that he was found drifting slumped over in his kayak. He was air lifted to the hospital where he had surgery. Then moved to Arizona to recover with the aid of his family.

Fish Master1

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I cant remember his face. :smt009 Can someone dig up a pic? I don't remember hearing about this,.. :smt010
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I cant remember his face. :smt009 Can someone dig up a pic? I don't remember hearing about this,.. :smt010
Do you remember him? I think I met him once.


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Sorry to hear. RIP Mr. Suzuki. I am hoping there is a NCKA in the after life where we can continue the good times.  :smt001
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RIP Rising_Sun, we talked a couple of times - nice guy for sure.
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RIP Howard...

I chatted with him on Facebook several times, he was always super friendly, and I remember when he was found drifting in his kayak.

I will keep Howard and his family in my thoughts and prayers...



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Sorry to hear. RIP Mr. Suzuki. I am hoping there is a NCKA in the after life where we can continue the good times.  :smt001
NCKA Forever! I'm in! Howard's there and I'm sure Joel and Chief got him all set up... Living while here makes it easyer when someone passes, you know they LIVED while here and had some peace on the water. Prayers of comfort for the family. He's off fishing.... See ya all when we get there (NO RUSH ON THAT) :smt044
Summer time is here! Love this time of year....


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Really sorry to hear this, Howard was a great guy.   I met him through Coastside and he fished on our boat out of HMB.   He was an excellent fisherman and a great contributor to all the forums.  He messaged me when I signed on here to go kayaking together, I'm sorry we didn't get to do that in this life. 
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