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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: WHO IS THIS BRAVE KAYAKER AT ALBION?  (Read 5149 times)

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Haven't been able to attend Albion yet, but I'm glad to see the brotherhood is strong.
Thank you for your selfless act and watching out for our brothers.
You are a true hero.

Eric / Yakhopper

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Strong work Battman! 
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So nice to see him get credit, those look like nasty conditions.
WTG Batt.
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Met him at TC when he shot a HUGE perch Now saving lives and killing halibut. Hell of a guys in my book. Hats off to the batt man  :smt006
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I double the accolades he merits.  As I  and others were trying to decide whether to go in or not,  BATMAN never hesitated and was there in a blink.  Thank you Mr. Batt. 


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NCKA should create a medal for a hero like him.
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How about a mounted picture with a short story below?

Any other ideas?


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See, I told you guys it was BattMan!


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Anyone heard from Gabe (ElDorado)?  Hope he's okay. 

WTG BATTMAN for saving a fellow NCKA brother! 



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Don't read beyond the first page of this thread cuz the rest of it gets pretty sad, BUT I wanted to point out that Batt was also right in the thick of a rescue at GS6 as well.

It was the headsup of Crusty, Tim, to go in and throw sonny a life line and drag him out of the danger zone. THen another big heads up was Dave Batt who courageously went in to put a line on sonny's yak.Together he and I drag the yak thru the swells back over to Crusty, where  Sonny is holding onto Tim's stern. I think it was Gabe who helped stabilize me with his paddle, as we collectively flipped sonny's yak upright.. (he had stabilizers on which made it tougher to roll back upright) Sorry if I didn't get the others names right, but you know who you are.

Sonny, Crusty and Batt are definately studs in my book.. Going into the swells to save another yakker takes tremendous bravery and confidence..everyone on the scene worked together, calling in the wave sets etc..


Shows what kind of guy and how strong on the water he is...when I have been diving and paddling with him I have been VERY impressed with his skills and character.

Dave, I'll help you carry your kayak any day of the week.




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Great teamwork Batt. That how Kayak fishing should be.
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Way to man-up, my brother.


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Mr.Matt wasn't there this year. Gabe (ElDorado) was the second one in the water. FYi, Scubaluis and (I believe) Victor (Vwool) hit the water too, although briefly. Scubaluis had help from several kayakers. Only two people named Dennis on the Albion roster are Dennis Shu (Old#&) and Dennis Andersen (Norsemen). Dennis Shu rode a white kayak last year and this year.

First off great work to Mr. Batt for getting in there and saving someone's bacon. That was a nasty spot, and not everyone could have done that rescue without getting into trouble. Props.

As far as Vwool's swim, he caught a snag with his drag to tight and a wave knocked him off balance. He and I were buddies on the water that day so I was close to get him back into his boat. He rigged his kayak smart and all his gear was accounted for. Lots of practice in flat water, and a dry suit made this swim a non issue. He was back in his boat is less than a mintue and fished the rest of the day. I share this story not to brag, but because I'm proud of the paddler victor has become. The right gear and training make swimming at sea part of the fun.

Atta boy Vwool.
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Yes, thanks for the correction BigJim. It was David not Dennis. I chatted with him a little, had no idea he was such a stud. Totally humble guy and a quiet neighbor too.
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