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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Post Your Picture, Screen Name and Real Name  (Read 55312 times)

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Rob-AKA RacinRob-RancidRob-FishFumbler

Wife Berta-Veterinarian, we will call her FishDoctor for now

Dogs-Stryker and Lulu
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Jed(Jedmo). Got the name from this lady that used to call me that at work. I couldn't think of any handle name so Jedmo was it.
1st place GS3 2009
7th place AOTY 2009


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Eric Morgan now known as CaptainMorgan.  Edit CappyMoMo.
previous incarnations included emorgan and Morgan.  Updated 8-21 with new pics of me and the girls.  I'm so in love.  Marguerite is the one missing the tooth with the curly hair.  Sophia is lucky enough to resemble me.  Managed a keeper with the wife Laura.

Edit:  Removing old pics 7/26/13 and adding some news ones.
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Sin Coast

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Sin Coast = Pat Kuhl or Patrick or PK

This is a great idea! Although, we should probably be posting pics of ourselves geared up. Because that's how we'll look when we see each other--drysuit, PFD, hat, etc.
Photobucket Sucks!

 Team A-Hulls

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Sean aka PISCEAN

I know a lot of you by your kayaks/trucks too. My own yak is easy to ID by they tattoo/graffiti. Somewhere on there are the names of the 3 princes who brought surfing to the west coast in 1885, my ling & hali mojos, the Hull remembrance, and an easter island birdman in the left footwell (to remind me that anything can be taken too seriously)  :smt002
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pronounced "Pie-see-in"
"Every day is a fishing day, but not every day is a catching day"-Countryman
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Randomness rules the universe. Perseverance is the only path to success..but luck sometimes works too.

Eric B

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I thought this is what avatars are.

I'm Eric B.  Some of you may know me as Eric B.


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Mike/ CAwingshooter
Kara and Branson
Cannon/ Yellow Lab
Delta/ Black Lab

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The Bones Family

Aurelia(wonderful Wife)
Ava(My sweet daughter)
Sue(My slobbering Son)
2015 Hobie Revo 13

Fish Flogger

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Deva (pronounced, Day-vuh)/Fish Flogger

Pretty face Deva  :smt005

Mountain Man Deva


The Family (Deva, Christa and little Aubrey)



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Here's why this thread is so important.  :smt044


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Jack Tam/ SacJack


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Won Jung / SmokeOnTheWater

This is a great idea btw.  Being new here and all and only having met a handful of people in person, its good to match faces and names ahead of time.   :smt003
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If you ain't first, you're last. 

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Son/Friedtrout/Riley...daughter/40lber /Lexy

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Where did he go george


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I think at events we should hand out "Hello my name is" stickers. 

Jeff and Angie

Jeff and Angie anytime we go somewhere more than 30min away.  She sleeps in the car.

Jeff and Pugster

How I hope you will see me.

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screen name: Vin60
real name Vin
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