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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: PIF 2012  (Read 9691 times)

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porky (bp)

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Just wanted to thank Andy, Al, Sara, Jim (I snuck a dead speared perch in your cooler dude, hope you took it out! Thats for crushing my hand) Pat, Daniel for making a once little idea into a big event. Thank you!

Also, I'd olike to thank Joel for the cool airplant you made for my wife and I, and even bigger thanks for taking time out to make a special one for my daughter, she was very shy, but she LOVES IT, she played with it all night, Thank you, your a great dude!

So, who took home that pretty kayak?

Sin Coast

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Haha you're lucky Mooch isn't online or he'd move this post to the appropriate board (-: Just messing with ya Brent. Scott won the Raptor after building a ton of karma by putting everyone on salmon!
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Bayside report from PIF day..
July 21
There were a few Salmon caught today near the Soquel Hole at 36'50/121'56. The anglers did best early in the morning trolling 50-100 feet down. The best bite was near the Point of Monterey on the bottom in 240-260 feet of water. The wind was down and anglers ran across the bay and had limits by 10:00. The best bet was to troll the bottom or mooch near the bottom. The inshore fishing is good hear in Santa Cruz and Capitola. There is a mix bag of Halibut, Rock fish, Lingcod, Sea Bass, and Thresher Sharks being caught with Squid in 40-70 feet of water. The winds are expected to come down and anglers are planning on looking for Albacore on Tuesday or Wednesday!   

Congrats guys his unusual lack of detail and the 1 photo with 1 salmon on his page tells me that lots of PBs went back to Santa Cruz harbor with nothing but empty beer cans , lots of clean ice and front row elevated expensive seats for the viewing of a  fleet of Kayaks gathering up Salmon  .... Lots of paid fishing captains didn't look so good yesterday in front of the customers AND ITS ALL OUR FAULT.. CONGRATULATIONS..lots of trophy fish caught ..
 I had a great time my first NCKA events was fun and DELICIOUS..


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If anyone has a photo of my 2 fish from yesterday please send me a copy ..the girl I had take my photo on beach was not so good with my camera ..
Thank you in advance ..


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     A BIG THANKS to everyone who helped contribute to this event.      Even all those little things (  Plates, utensils, tables, even trash cans )  added up to making it a huge success.     

     I finally talked my wife into coming along.    The good part was she had a terrific time ( +++ WAF points ).   The bad part, she thinks 6am is " early".  :smt005    Even though I had a really late start yesterday,  still got that adrenaline rush with a hook-up,,,  before  losing it.   
 Sara , you are an angel !    :smt001
   Cheers !
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I had a blast!!

Diving with Omer and Nathan and Brent in the AM, no luck finding halibut but Nathan shot a beautiful Calico Bass!!   :smt007 :smt007

Out by the red can, saw Team Danglin land a beautiful salmon before the party got started.

Great time hanging and chilling with old and new friends!!

 :smt003 :smt004 :smt003

Back on the beach, the potluck was off the hook as usual, and the raffle went pretty smoothly!

Congrats to all those who won some of the AWESOME prize!! 

GreatBass2 took home the SWEET new SOT Raptor...great prize for a great guy!!

Huge THANK YOU to all who helped make this happen...everybody who organized/donated prizes/bought tickets/showed up/cooked/drank/laughed/smiled/hugged.


Really is special to see so many people come together to celebrate life and help out one of our own.

Here is a little vid of the OTW celebrations..I think we drifted almost half way back to MBK!!




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awesome vid jim, love the magical never ending cooler of beer, even if it was c-, :smt003
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Well Stu, kayak fishing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, sometimes you have to look at the swell report and say "Hey bud let's party"

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Ho Chi Min Oh

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great seeing everyone. Congrats scott and molly on winning the boat. paying it back for all the effort and kindness shown in paying it forward.  Perhaps molly may like sitting in the raptor as much as lounging around on the tramp! 

Mooch and marv, get well


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 I knew I should have gone... :smt044 :smt044
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i didnt know there was gonna be a party barge :smt003
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Man that looked like a killer time!! Great vid Jim and congrats on putting on another successful event! I got to get down there next year.

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Special thanks to Sara for letting me borrow her Revo.  Thanks to Al as well for hauling it down.  I can now see the appeal of the dark side.  Morgan.AI?????  Maybe by Albion. 

I hope we were able to raise enough money to help out our brother.  I had to take off early to handle things at home.  It was great meeting new people and I can't wait to actually be able to meet more. 

Thanks to those A-Hull organizers that made this thing happen. 

Fishing report:  after not really knowing where I was going (fog) I arrived at the red can about 8.  Single hook through the bottom lip I guess and out his poor little anchovy head. Seated the hook back in his noggin and exposed the entire hook along his back with the aid of two little rubber bands.  First drop to the bottom,  15 seconds, tap tap tap.  I reel up, not much pressure so I reeled faster.  Loaded up the rod a little.  Came to the surface and he was small.  Started to grab for the pliers to grab that hook.  Took a 15 ft run.  Brought him back and went to reach down, head shake and he was gone. Second salmon on the line in my life.  Last was was probably in 97.  Few more hits, got close to boating one but he came unbuttoned before I saw him.  Got a sand dab too.  Dude in that duck skiff with the office chair and trolling motor had no luck with the salmon so he went for dabs in a Sibiki.  Boated a monster salmon on the Sibiki.  I think he tossed all his barbed gear over board before heading in.  I need to get out there again soon.

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Great video, and excellent aim. 
Looks like a great time.
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had a great time out there  :smt007

nice meeting some new people