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Topic: outback question  (Read 1123 times)

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Hi all!

I would like to add a handle towards the rear of my Outback to help lifting the hull to install or remove wheels in the water.  Cannot reach area to use bolts with backing washer.   Would rivets work for this?  I have been bolting only for rigging things in yak and am not sure of the strength of rivet method.

Would appreciate the advice if you have done this.


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  Unless you can get some kind of metal backing for a rivit to grab, I would not use rivits for a handle. (Even then I'd be weary)
Have you tried opening the back hatch and using it to help lift?  I use mine when I have to lift the back end.
  I seem to recall somebody installed a DIY handle made from either a length of garden hose or something simular to the flat rib area right behind the seat.  That person was able to get backing hardward to that area somehow, maybe through the front center hatch?  I don't think one can reach that seat area from the rear hatch, (Been a while since I've tried)  Might have seen this on the Hobie site?
  I might add, I've had the stock front handle on my OB let go while pulling the hull up a hill!  The rope's knot inside the handle let go, causing the hull to slide back down 20yds and hit a big fur tree on my property.  Fortunately no damage came fro it.
   Thinking about it now, I wouldn't trust any rivits where weight is involved.
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Just open the rear hatch and grab the yak by the hatch opening - it makes a great handle.  You will pull the rivets right out because I don't think the rivet can support that much weight. 
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I riveted handles on my 2009 Revo and held up with no problem for 3 years.  I used the Hook 1 rivets.  See the one behind the seat that was riveted because of no access.  The other handle by the 8 inch hatch and drive well  has SS screws, washers and nylocks
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I thought about doing the same to mine but haven't yet.  I've used the rear hatch up to this point.
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