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February 21, 2018, 03:13:36 AM

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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Opps  (Read 1104 times)

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floatin cowboys

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OK OK I didn't put my self in harms way, much but I sure screwed up an afternoon of fishing. An it was in my jet boat 5 years ago.
I was living in Walla walla county WA and my wife and I and our young son at the time wanted to take a trip up to Banks lake Washington. This lake is known for its very good walleye fishing. Being I had never done it before but had a boat I figured I was a shoe in for a monster. Isn't that how everyone thinks. New boat means big fish. Anyway after packing up the wife and kid, and driving 3 hours to get there, arriving on a beautiful day, sunny warm no wind. We proceeded to un load the truck of our supplies and move into our temporary quarters, a yurt on the lake. I was excited. So after all that I say to the little women that I was gonna put the boat in the water and bring it over to the bank by the yurt and take every one out for a nice boat ride, and fish before dinner. So i jump in the truck and back the boat down the launch and into the Water like I had done it a hundreds times before. I put the truck in park, chuck the wheels and un tie the boat to launch. I climb aboard the boat check every thing out and make sure all is write with the fish God's and go to start the boat. I dig in pocket, I dig in my other pocket, I scour the glove box but to no avail. I had left the keys to boat sitting on the kitchen table 3 hours south of us. With a few choice words I pull the boat out of the water and head back to the yurt where my wife is feeding Junior. I tell here the predicament and say I am going back to get the keys. so I do, and in record time I might ad. When I got back the weather was still nice and warm that I thought that "OK I will just start fresh in the morning" Slept like a log all night long until I was awakened by the sound of lightning. A huge storm had moved in. "It will be gone by morning" I said to my self. But he fishing Gods were gonna make me pay for forgetting my keys to the boat on such hallowed ground as Banks lake. I got up in the morning to a storm that would make a sailor cry. But I would not be done in by a fluke in the weather. So I put my boat in the water hitting everything in my path, and clipping other boats. On the water I trolled for one hour being blown off course more then I was one it. The whole time watching the old pros drinking coffee and eating donuts from inside the tackle shop starring and pointing at me like I was the next sucker going up against Iron Mike Tyson, before the ear thing. Needless to say I gave up packed up and went home with my tail between my legs, I have not been back yet. Ah but now I have a kayak, I will return and make record on that lake. Just wait and see. I need no key..... "[b]Honey, have you seen my paddle somewhere."[/b][/u][/glow] :cowboy_cool: