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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Fish ID Quiz  (Read 2610 times)

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I once passed a few parts of the series 7 exam for stock brokers since it was multiple choice. I was supposed to be testing it for security problems but decided to see how well I could do. I just barely passed the 2 I took but I passed.


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6 out of 15.... does that make me an idiot?



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I think you just need to hit the coast more Sam!

To be fair I entertained becoming a marine biologist at one point in my life and had a ton of aquariums so I have seen a lot of fish and read a lot of fish books, not as many as the Bodega crew but a fair amount.


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Yeah, you need to hit the coast more.  One of the nice things about rockfish fishing is the diversity of fishes you're likely to catch on a single day.  I can remember days when I caught more than a dozen different species all on the same rig.   If you want the guided tour, let me know and maybe we can meet up at Fort Ross or Stillwater Cove this summer.  (This offer applies to anyone new to ocean kayak fishing and wants to give it a try!)


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I did better than 50% (+1) thanks to multiple choice. Not living around the ocean I guess I did ok.

Great Idea for the site,



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I got 14/15 missed a kelp rockfish...but the pictures where not particularly good.  I couldn't enlarge them at all.


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I got 13/15, not bad for a inlander.