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Topic: Cobra Tandem - How Good Are They For FIshing?  (Read 1527 times)

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Hey, im looking for a boat for my Bro who's never Kayaked before.  But i found a Tandem Cobra I might build up.  any feed back on these... would be appreciated. Thanks


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Mickfish has one that I borrowed for about six months. He had a couple holders on it. I never actually floated it, my son Ty used it. Big for one person, but doable.
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I like mine. Main thing is tweaking the rigging to your liking.


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I got mine in December and built it up (see thread in this section). Here's my take. It's a good platform for fishing. I compare it with my OK Malibu Two that I had for 10 years. I think the pros on the Cobra are that it rides drier and provides more usable space on the deck ahead of the rear paddler. The cons on the Cobra is that while it has good initial stability, once you go past the point of stability, it rolls more abruptly. I haven't surfed with it yet, but from the vids I've seen, it's a real pig that spins out easily.

In terms of paddle-ability, it's a big, wide tandem. It has a sharper entry than the Malibu Two, so I'm gonna say the Cobra has an edge ... but only by a hair.

They're both good rigs. Oh ... one more thing.. my Cobra definitely has slightly softer plastic than the O.K. I had. Tends to scar more easily. But nothing that seems to risk hull integrity.

Check with Action Watersports down in L.A. I got mine for a steal down there. It was an end of year clearance, but maybe they will cut you a deal. I think I spent $425 on it! Something like that.
Orange Cobra Tandem