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Topic: If they only knew.......about kayak fishing  (Read 1727 times)

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I fish since I was a little kid with my uncles.  My first kayak was the "Scrambler" and I Ab dive from that yak for years until I saw saw a guy fish from the kayak in Mendocino.  Found this great community from a sale guy at West Marin in Concord while shopping for a new anchor.  That was 6 years ago and now you know the rest of the story  :smut003
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Shit...for about 2 minutes, I thought I had invented kayak fishing!  :smt044  I had grown up hopping rocks along the banks of rivers here in NorCal fishing for trout.  I would also hit up the delta for catfish with my buddies.  When my dad and I weren't fishing for trout in streams, we would sometimes rent a boat and troll for trout at Chabot.  I remember he used to buy me pink popcorn at the bait shop at Chabot.  Good stuff.  In high school I started crabbing off piers.  I love crab and crabbing.  I came to realize over the years that to really catch fish, you need a boat.  I was bummed because I couldn't afford a boat or have a place to store one.  Then I started thinking...kayaks can go in the ocean or freshwater...what if I brought a fishing pole with me?!?! Or what if I could haul up a crab net off a kayak?!?!  Holy shit!  I'm onto something here, I thought.  So I googled fishing kayaks and saw that someone had already invented them!  Ok, its all good, I didn't invent kayak fishing, but I am still onto something here!  So the next thing I googled was Kayak Crabbing in Northern California...and look what came up!  http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?page=18  Holy crap!  People are doing exactly what I want to do right here in the bay area!  From that day on (2006), I read the NCKA fishing reports like you would the daily news.  I came to realize that I could do it too, and take full advantage of the area we live in, which I believe is incredible if your a fisherman.  It took me about 4.5 YEARS of reading reports before I sacked up and dropped the money to buy my first yak and all the gear.  I got laid off from my job and that was the straw that broke the camels back, I saw Chadrock was selling a T15, pulled the trigger and haven't looked back!  I havent regretted buying a kayak and all the gear for one second!  The start up cost is a little bit, but after that, its not much.  And I've been known to be "frugal" :smt003  Its awesome fishing out in Monterey next to huge expensive boats and be catching the same thing as them, same goes for the over the top bass boats.  We all catch the same fish.  I've got a boat that is good in all kinds of water, for any kind of fishing!  HA!  Kayak fishing is whats up!
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Same here. Been fishing bay area since 2012. From pier, camp, shore, and boat. Always wondering what i can do more to fish on my free time without spending a lot with the charter. Then i found a youtube videos in florida kayak fishing. From there, i said to myself “this is the sport im looking for.” Then found some ncka videos kayak fishing. I started with a jackson big tuna. I fell in love with kayak. Then i bought OB. Damn i love it even more! I joined ncka then it opened up more fishing opportunities and got new friends. Now, its addiction.


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It's only been one year, started kayak fishing in March 2017. Been fishing my whole life but this is whole new ball game and beast. I thought after buying my kayak and paddle I was pretty much set (since I already have all the fishing gear). I quickly came to realize that I haven't even come close. The accessories, kayak transportation, safety gear and everything else ran me almost 3x more than what I paid for the kayak itself. but I don't regret it one bit. met a lot of cool people on the water that are lifelong friends.


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Ok, so I always had boats nothing fancy. So I started wondering how could I get onto some of the lakes that are private near the open end by businesses? I didn't like the idea of float tubing. Then kayask popped into my head.  From there I googled kayak fishing and boom there it was a whole community. Since then I own 2 kayaks and I never did hit them lakes but I loove kayak fishing

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