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Topic: Fishing Lake Pillsbury  (Read 3242 times)

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I am thinking of heading to lake Pillsbury, anyone have any suggestions on fishing or the best camping spots?


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I haven't camped there in years but Oak flat and Sunset are pretty popular.
Troll in front of the dam and up and down the westside of the Eel river arm (trout alley).
The last few years has been very slow for fishing though. (At least for trout) I've never targeted the bass yet.
I'm only assuming but I'd think its dirty and full of debris because of the last rain. It went from being empty to full in a few days.
We spend a lot of time up there at my girlfriend's parent cabin. Her dad basically lives up there and fishes daily.
Good luck   
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Much appreciated. Thanks!


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You commented on my report, so you know the water conditions... It should be getting better very quickly, and the warm weather in the past couple of days will turn the bite on.  Rockroach is right on as far as where to fish, the side of the lake where the damn is, and the steep side of the Eel river arm... The big point exiting the Eel arm into the main body is also a winner.  Fuller Grove Campground is really nice... much better than oak flat and sunset... they tend to be the dirt biker hang outs... so unless you like a lot of noise and dust in the air...  They planted there a couple of weeks ago, and were supposed to plant again this past Wednesday.  The fish they plant there are better than average, and there are always a good supply of healthy holdovers due to lack of fishing pressure. 
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