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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: PFD Strap caught in hatch  (Read 1093 times)

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I launched from the surf at Stinson during a family trip to the beach last summer.  I was just going to make a couple of drifts for halibut and practice a surf landing or 2.  I had my rod and gear stowed in the center hatch of my X Factor.  I launched with no problem and got a ways beyond the surf then opened the hatch to get the rod, etc.  When I closed the hatch one of the straps on my PFD got caught in the hatch, but I didn't notice it.  I made some movement that because of the strap being caught in the hatch caused me to flip.  The yak is capsized and I'm next to it and I still don't realize the strap is caught in the hatch.  I'm trying to flip the yak over but it won't budge.  Meanwhile, the lifeguards are getting very concerned but my wife tells them not to worry, "He has a life jacket on!"  I finally realize what's going on and have to reach under the yak and undo the hatch.   Problem solved...I flip the yak and pull myself up with no problem.  Made a couple of half-hearted drifts, then proceeded to get tossed on the landing.  Oh well, that always happens!  Of course I now realize how bad this could have been...