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Topic: Moken 13 Angler  (Read 2893 times)

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hey guy/gals :smt006.  First, i have to say that I'm glad to be welcomed to NCKA.   Looking at possibly buying  a, Feel Free Moken 13 Angler.  Does anyone have  a opinion on the stability, feel and handling of said kayak.


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I have a couple of moken 12's. I have an angler model and a standard model. They are nice handling boats with good balance. Mine being the 12's are a bit heavy with the wheel in the keel but not bad. I like the design of the boats and they seem to be well made. I have used mine both in fresh and salt water. My only complaints are 1 access to the inside. You only have the 8 inch hatch so it makes it difficult to work inside.  2. there is no rod storage for surf launch and landings. I wish it had a rod pod type hatch.
 The front hatch is very useful. I put my crabs in it which keeps them safe during rough surf landings. I also have my fishfinder battery in there but I am going to build a battery box inside the kayak to make more room in the there. I like the molded in handles. They keep the sides smooth to help prevent hangups with ropes and fishing lines. They also give you good control of the boat for loading and moving around. I have replaced the two front rod holders with scotty flush mounts. They fit perfectly in the same holes, screws and all.
 The ride is pretty dry with channels in the deck to channel water to the scuppers. I usually use scupper plugs in the bow and stern scupper holes when in calm fresh water. When waves crash over the bow some water will go in the bow storage area.
 The boat tracks straight and is easy to paddle. The seat is comfortable, though I still add a skwoosh cushion for my sciatica. It is a good all around kayak for the money. Mine was about 750 new at cck in sacramento. If you are looking for a mostly saltwater boat I would go with a rod pod type of boat but for mostly freshwater use it works out well.
 I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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I have the Moken 12 angler model.   It's a solid SOT kayak and ocean worthy.
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Thanks for the info. My dad old Scupper Pro is nice, but getting a little tired of that jerky feeling when I'm pulling crab pots. Think I'm working my ABS


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Hey Jose, i paddle a moken at cck im not sure if it was an angler or not but seemed stable and turned on a dime. so it seems a good boat. However i think going from your scupper pro 15 you might feel like you down graded. if your able to paddle any other boats id do that first. if you want to try out a tarpon 160 or a prowler let me know you welcome to try any of my boats you want.
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YOU WERE RIGHT!! Now that I felt the yak attack bug , I feel the need to look for a more user friendly kayak.  Girlfriend said's that a tandem sounds fun. RIGHT!! :smt009   Problem is, I know who's doing all the work, " ramming speed slave".  Ill think about it.
Thanks, and I will take up on your offer on the next trip.


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If you buy a double the best case scenario is that she likes it and will eventually want her own kayak.  Worst case scenario she dislikes it and your stuck with a barge.

Get two singles, she has her own, she likes it and you wont be paddling ramming speed for two.  Worse case scenario, she doesn't like kayaking as much as she thought and you have two solid yaks to choose from when you go out.

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