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Topic: O'neil forebay Friday 12/10 - Report  (Read 3355 times)

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I ended up not bringing my kayak along and I regretted it. Although I don't think I would have faired better in the fishing department at least I would have gotten a workout!

I fished the shore from 33 down to the power islands. I didn't see any fish nor did I catch any. I think all the fish have moved to deeper water. I chatted with a PB and he was sitting on a skunk as well.

I hate winter!  :smt019

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hey Bill, As I mentioned in before,winters cold is  killing the weed beds, causing them to break up and making the forebay a big bowl of soup. If you can find the fish, put your lure right under ther nose. they'll bite but they fight like their half a sleep.This time of year is when I start fishing the San Luie res. but even then You have to fish slow, unless you get a warm spell.
How about a Delta get together?
Why Do I paddle a kayak instead of a float tube or a pontoon boat? I like seeing where I'm going not where I've been!
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would live bait be a better way to go?


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The few boaters I saw out where all using live bait and drifting, they did not get a lot of action either. Way to cold :cold