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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Kayak Drift Anchor (drogue) vs folding anchor which one.  (Read 1978 times)

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Fish on baby!


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If you have to choose one it would be the drift anchor. 

Some will tell you that you don't want to be anchored while on the ocean, unless you're "anchored" to kelp.  First off, you don't want to be messing around while you're tied to the bottom.  As for the drift anchor, if you're having to slow your drift down, chances are that you shouldn't be on the ocean anyway.


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+1 on not being anchored in the ocean.  I know of a guy who did that at Bean and had a yard sale in 100ft of water.  :shock:


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The drift anchor you posted isn't designed to hold you in place, once you deploy it, it acts like a parachute creating drag in the water that (when rigged from your bow) will keep you nosed into a swell.  These are primarily a safety item for boats but they come in handy on the yak when the wind is blowing you around and your drift is too fast to effectively fish a spot.

Anchors on the other hand will hold you in place.....if you rig it properly you won't flip and in an emergency situation it'll keep you off the beach or rocks.  They're an important safety item for boats.....kayak.....maybe not so much you're gonna have to decide that one.  For fishing, the only application they really have is in sturgeon fishing on the bay, I've never used one fishing the salt.  We've anchored while diving and I can really only remember one time where we didn't have to dive down to retrieve the anchor out of the rocks, if you anchored on a reef there's a good chance you wouldn't get it back.

The other item you might be interested in is a kelp clip.  Just a simple rig that'll hook onto kelp and keep you secure while you pothole the pockets in a kelp bed.  Very convenient and cheap. 

..........agarcia is just an ex-kayaker

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+1 for not anchoring except kelps..  like agarcia said you'll have a hard time getting anchor back without diving for it & also you might not be able to avoid the big waves...
I've used a drift sock before on windy days, but the current & wind have to be in the perfect direction in order for it to work, otherwise it becomes more of a pain in the butt than usual... :smt009