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Topic: What's that smell ?  (Read 2092 times)

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 I've been fishing all my life.Kayak fishing about 35 years.Well...... I take my GF out the other day,she really loves the sport.
 I ask her if my stringer is in the truck and she says yes. We unload the yaks and launch to somewhat bumpy conditions,but doable. As we tie up to some kelp I notice I don't have my stringer,she says it's was in the truck,well........lesson,don't ask where it is, ask her to put it with the rest of the gear. She has her stringer attached to her yak.lesson, make sure you have everything BEFORE launching,too late after you paddle out. She catches a couple fish and starts getting a little motion sickness and decides to go in. I stay out and fish a little longer but have no stringer.I am catching a few nice fish and decide to put them in the front hatch to keep them out of the sun and to keep them from flippng out of the back of the yak. I feel bad about her waitng for me on shore and button down everything and head in. WAF points! We load up the yaks and head home,good day! Unload the truck and start washing everything off,you know the drill :smt044 I pull all my fish out from inside the boat,rinse the inside,drain and start filleting our catch. We put the yaks back on the side of the house and it's fish taco time :smt007
Bad weather and conditions prevent me from going out for about a week and a half,then a window appears and it looks like I might be able to get out again. I ask her to help me pull out the yak and set it on the truck for the next morning. I notice a strange smell as we move the yak :smt011 it's getting late so we have to load it in the dark so I have the lights on in the truck and she notices a sillouette of a fish way in the back of the prowler :smt011 I lift the back of the yak and shake it,the fish slides froward and i reach in and grab it :smt011 Right out of a horror movie, It's not a fish but 10,000 maggots clinging to a skeleton :smt044
 As I pull it out it is litteraly dripping chuncks of rotting fish and maggots  :smt009 :smt011 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044
 The inside of the prowler is alive with 10,000 maggots and almost no way to get them out except by sticking my hand and head in there to see them and scoop them out. :smt044 GF is there the whole time and helps with everything and then rinses out the inside with bleach :smt010 It took 3 days of washing and rinseing to get all the maggots out,man, they were EVERYWHERE! :smt044 :smt044 lesson, NEVER put fish in hatches again! NEVER EVER! I don't care if its the biggest,best,record breaking fish ever,NEVER launch without a stringer again!!! :smt006
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..........agarcia is just an ex-kayaker


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 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044oh man that must have sucked, made me quezzy just reading it, but good woman to stand there with you, my wife would have ran to the house and locked the door and not let me in til a haz-mat team sanitized me, cameron
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Well Stu, kayak fishing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, sometimes you have to look at the swell report and say "Hey bud let's party"

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It ain't the "biggest,best,record breaking fish ever" that you shouldn't put in the hatch - like hell you won't retrieve those! 

More likely is a 10" gopher getting wedged up behind a scupper tube or caught in a rudder line and forgotten - those are the little bastards for which a headcount is necessary.


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It's also known as 'making bait'.  :smt044


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What happened to NO PICTURES - DIDN'T HAPPEN.
Oh Yah - Who would make that up
Glad I was not there - GROSSSSSSSS

See Ya Soon,
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What happened to NO PICTURES - DIDN'T HAPPEN.

I appreciate that there are not pics....I don't know what would be worse, this ^^  or Moochies grotesque thumb pics  :thumright: :smt078
..........agarcia is just an ex-kayaker


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Ha ha, great read man...you must gave the greatest GF in the world!  My wife would've booted my ass to the garage for months!

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What happened to NO PICTURES - DIDN'T HAPPEN.

I appreciate that there are not pics....I don't know what would be worse, this ^^  or Moochies grotesque thumb pics  :thumright: :smt078

How about this?

In Loving Memory of Joel Lotilla


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Had something similar happen once... after returning home from a kayking trip, we entered the Kitchen in the dark through the garage and Quinn said "whats all over the ground?" which after looking down I saw what he meant, and quickly got him and Sara out of the kitchen.  When I hit the lights, it was quite a sight!  :smt009  Not only was the whole floor covered in MAGGOTS, but there were just as many ANTS eating the dying maggots all over the place!!!  So I sprayed them all down with RAID and began to clean up the spilled "rice" that was all over the floor...  :smt044

Dustin... WTH happened to you?!?!?

Reminds me of another story  :smt044


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probably some kind of asian delicacy...maggot infested fermented fish-mmmm  :smt044
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Gnarley story dude.  Always do a head count.  Always.  :puke: :drool2 :sad3:  Your lady is a trooper though, my girl wont even go in a yak on the ocean.  :smt013
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that's just nasty good post though i hope i can learn from your mistakes sorry brother  :smt044

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Did the bleach work? I had the grand idea of rotting fish carcasses in water in a white plastic bucket a few ago to make plant food for out apple trees. After 4 weeks, the potion was done, I dispersed it around the trees and they loved it. I laughed when I opened the bucket and saw hundreds of dead bloated maggots and flies that had drowned in the soup. The laugh was on me because after washing the bucket out, I was able to get rid of the rotten fish smell, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get rid of the maggot smell. I washed it many times and let it sit in the sun for many days hoping it would air out. Nothing worked. To this day, that bucket still has a faint putrid odor. I could deal with the smell of rotten fish, but I hate that maggot smell. Ofcourse, I didn't try bleach, yet.