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Topic: this Saturday (12/11/04) Sturgeon fishing?  (Read 3522 times)

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In the flats of San Pablo Bay, it's pretty much a crapshoot since the bottom is mostly flat, although there will be periodic slight depressions which might be a good place to set up.  You can also get an idea of the bottom composition from your fishfinder.  A shell bank might appear to be firmer bottom.  You'll pick up shells on  your anchor too.  Shells = sturgeon munchies.  

Sturgeon move with the tide, so it's generally a matter of anchoring and waiting for the fish to come to you.  It's basically a waiting game... paitience will pay off in the end.  I've observed that the bit often picks up just after the current slows down a bit from peak flow... the water gets really brown and swirly... that's a good thing.

Every time I go out I am always looking for changes or transitions... changes in bottom composition, humps and dips, riplines, and changes in water "muddiness".  Whether or not it helps... who knows... at least it occupies my mind thinking that all of that stuff matters.
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I also paddle around and look at the FF diligently.  I'd stop when I saw the bottom drop a couple feet in a short amount of time.  Granted I didn't catch anything but croakers...

Looks like I've got a company party on sat.  I imagine I'll see lots of sturgeon pics afterwards.
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