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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: New member saying Hello and thanks!!  (Read 1085 times)

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hi folks, thanks for the nice board to read about the local fishing expeditions on your kayaks. my wife and i love kayak fishing and i really enjoy freediving from the kayak although til this past year all i had to go in the water was my old boogie board. i have been diving with alain and ron (the folks in the pictures) for a while now and we mainly go to monterey and the north coast depending on seasons that dfg has set upon us.

the first day going out on my own kayak i was hooked because i caught a nice 39 inch halibut in monterey drifting along cannery row in about 50 feet of water. nothing else to say but hooked! all on my little trout fishing pole with only 100 feet of 20lb test line on it. from that day on i look forward to each day i can go out on my kayak . even better is my wife who catches ling cod like mad. she always manages to hook them no matter where we are fishing.

i hope to learn more about fishing from kayaks since i am new to this stuff.

here are some of our local fishing pictures and even one of our guinea pig... i think he's grown some by now though.

have a good day!




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Mightyt tasty looking "cuy" you got there.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard John! A lot of us are getting together this Saturday at Ono's in HMB, you should stop by and say hello.


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Nice Butte John Welcome aboard.
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thank you all for the warm welcome. this wekeend i am off to the hills for some trout fishing at emigrant gap and some snow sledding. i want to go fishing in the ocean though. maybe next weekend i'll do a dive and fish combo.

good luck when you are out there!


spinal tap

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Mightyt tasty looking "cuy" you got there.

Welcome aboard!


Yes, I agree.  Cuy is damn good.  I ate a couple while at Banos, Ecuador and thought they were the best BBQ meat I've had in a long time.  The meat was juicy, smooth and velvety with a very delicate flavor.  mmmmmmmmmh 

I told my wife I wanted to raise some and she put knew exactly why I wanted them and thus said "No". 


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All these pictures, of abs, crabs, dabs, cabs, lings, and butts make me long for summer...can't wait!
May the fish be mighty and the seas be meek...


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Hey john welcome aboard. Nice looking fish.