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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: GET YOURSELF CHECKED!!!  (Read 28775 times)

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Sin Coast

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Thanks for reminding us to take care of ourselves, Moochy.  We all need a little nudge every now and then.
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 And you can watch the whole process (in color)...
SWEET! i always wondered what my boss saw in me, and now I'll get to see his point of view for a change.  :smt003 &inCOLORtoo?!
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Dale L

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Honestly I'd feel more comfortable going to a veterinarian.  Can't stand doctors and hospitals.

OK Kramer!   :smt005  You are one funny dude, e

And the five women in the exam room were a kick, said they were having a party and I was invited,

Kidding right?  Man, I cannot wait ...  :smt011

Not kidding one bit,,
The only other guy involved was the first nurse I had, he's the one that gave me the gown and slipped the needle into my arm. In the exam room I was the only guy, by the time you get that far a little humor and a what the hell attitude prevailed.  They were all wearing face shields too :smt044

Seriously though at that point do you really want a guy with his hand on the probe?:smt005

The whole point of this thread is just do it!
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You've been in my thoughts constantly since I read you were diagnosed with Cancer. I've known you on this site for years now and though we haven't met in person, you've always had my deepest respect as a kayaking professional and stand up guy. You have such a big heart and it's a tough situation you're put in. You are no doubt feeling a wide range of emotions and at the same time getting advice from all angles. This brotherhood here is a good support network and if ever there was a time to just let go and be supported now is the time.

We are very reluctant demographic for going to the doc. I consider myself a hypochondriac but rarely do I actually get anything checked out. I lived at a monastery in the Himalayas for a short period of my life and after I had been there a month the Abbot asked me if I had been to see the doctor yet. He was very emphatic about it. I assured him I was feeling fine, healthy as a horse. He hit me over the head with his prayer book and said here in the East we don't go see doctors when we are sick, we see doctors to prevent from getting sick in the first place.
Our western doctors and even culture is designed around treating disease and sickness not preventing it. We have to take it on ourselves and follow Mooch's timely advice and make sure our doctors look us over like a stockcar at the indy 500

I put your name on the prayer list at that Monastery Joel. I don't know your spiritual inclinations but my Grandpa would always tell me to steer for any port in the storm. I'll keep you in my thoughts and ready the driftboat for when you're up for a Klamath/Smith run.
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Thank you Hawk  :smt006

my Grandpa would always tell me to steer for any port in the storm.

 :smt023 :smt023 :smt023 :smt023 Wise words from a wise man!


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Honestly I'd feel more comfortable going to a veterinarian.  Can't stand doctors and hospitals.
My wife is a veterinarian, but no exams at the Pay It Forward Paddle. Although she does have those long gloves for examining cattle. :smt003
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my doctor said he wouldn't give me a colonoscopy until i am 50. i am not afraid of this procedure but apparently my doctor is. I am however, terrified of catheters.


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Hawk, very well put. Especially the first paragragh.


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i am not afraid of this procedure but apparently my doctor is.

Haha.....Jim Rome discussed this on his show once, I believe the topic was Dr. JellyFinger.  The show producers dad told Jim a story about his Doc and "the test."  The dad is in Dr. JellyFingers exam room and he starts putting on his glove, the Dad looks at him and says, "geez Doc, I hate this part," to which dr. JellyFinger replies, "the day you start enjoying this part is the day I'm gonna ask that you find a new physician." 

so kayakjack....would you rather have a doc that enjoyed giving the exam? 
..........agarcia is just an ex-kayaker


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Joel -
Wish you best!  You are a positive influencer in this community. I am proud of you as an accomplished kayak angler and great coach to beginners of this sports. More importantly you have always reminded people of safety with kayak fishing. Many of us have benefited from listening to you!

Thanks for speaking up. I am guilty of deferring physical checkup. It is overdue. This sad news reminds me of needing to set up an appt with dr. asap.  exam/checkup is no longer nice-have!


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The dad is in Dr. JellyFingers exam room and he starts putting on his glove, the Dad looks at him and says, "geez Doc, I hate this part," to which dr. JellyFinger replies, "the day you start enjoying this part is the day I'm gonna ask that you find a new physician." 



Squidder K

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Joel points the need to get checked for cancer, but get checked for other things.  I meet Veterans all the time who are otherwise fine and have a resting blood pressure of 170/120, I ask them if they have high blood pressure, and I get the standard answer of "no, I feel fine."  Those numbers lead to kidney failure, stroke and or death.  It is called the silent killer for a reason.  My own introduction to the wonderful world of healthcare came after my tour in Iraq.  I felt crappy, always tired, getting up everynight to urinate, headaches, and mood swings.  I finally went in for my post deployment physical, not thinking anything is wrong and the doc asks me "How long hav eyou been a diabetic?"  WTF, I am not a diabetic, I don't weigh 300 pounds and am sedintary?  Sure enough I was and still am.  I know others on the forum are too.  We deal with it.  We are all sucepitbal to other wonderful things if we don't manage it properly. 

Some folks I have worked with over the years ar eprone for stuff:

Pale skin white folks: we need to make sure we wear plenty of SPF, check yourself for moles, if they are odd shaped or changed recently in size or shape go get checked ASAP.  I recently heard a report that talked about the size of a mole to the chance of cancer survival and it 1/8th inch difference can be the difference between 80% survival and 50% survival.

Black/Afro American: watch the sodium intake, hypertension is a killer in Afro Americans.

Hispanic/Latinos:  High numbers in hypertension and diabetes

2 types of cancer I keep hearing more and more of is male prostate and pancreatic cancer.  I am not sure if it is men are talking about it more or there is a rising trend. 

Much of this stuff is preventable and or treatable.  Go get checked!

On a lighter note, I gotta ask, Fish hunter what is up with your Avatar?  You look your like pole dancing or something.  Scary image indeed!

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Eric B

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I felt crappy, always tired, getting up everynight to urinate, headaches, and mood swings.

Minus the headaches, you are describing what I assumed is normal....

and skin cancer?  I figured they just cut off the offending mole, not thinking people actually die from it...  I have one that has definitely gotten larger.

Ok ok, I'll make an appointment today.


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Regarding skin cancer, today is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and a good time to remind ourselves to cover up, sunblock or otherwise.

Remember to re-apply sunblock while out in the sun, too - most sunblocks don't last all day. I'm guilty of not doing this and end up a little burned at the end of the day.

Be sure to protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses as well, especially on the water. Sun damage may be a factor in macular degeneration, which is irreversible.

Here's some info you might want to pass on to family members, particularly younger women who like to tan: http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100620/sc_livescience/whyskincancerisontherise
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my doctor said he wouldn't give me a colonoscopy until i am 50. i am not afraid of this procedure but apparently my doctor is. I am however, terrified of catheters.

my first was when I was 37 family history , Gramma died at 54 gramps 67 of colon cancer  going in next month again at least the laxative has improved the new stuff doesn't leave you dehydrated
I hate the part  where the doc is pulling the cam out of my ass yes you can feel everything when you wake up. Is kind of neat to watch.
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