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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: NCKA KAYAK CRABFEST @ HALF MOON BAY 4/24/10 REPORT & PICS  (Read 4737 times)

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+1 on eric's chowda

for anyone that wants it. I will post it up in the recipe section tonight.
-Eric Berg


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Congrats guys! Looked like a blast but i was in the paint-zone all weekend, o well..


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Duane has a bad-arse setup.  His "Extreme" sticker definitely describes it - looks like large grenades.


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Looks  like  one  hela  good time.Ihope to make  the  next  hook up and learn sometin,Im salivating,Gabe.


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first off I would like to thank chuck for putting this together and to promar for the sponsoring the event I had a great time  :smt007
And a big thanks everyone that came out to hang with the brewcrew. :smt005
and as for me I will tell you my arms are dead I got called in to do tree work on sunday and
I had nothen left in the tank it was a hard day for sure. :smt010

see you on the water Duane :smt006   
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Looks like I missed a real heck of a good time. Damn! Next time. WTG on the cool hook-up Chuck. Looks like all the boys had fun.
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sure looks like a good time, you guys did great!
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I wanted to join but being out of town so often leaves with honeydo's that have to be addressed.

Saturday was fix the kid's Explorer, do the front brakes on another car.Then cook beer battered fish tacos for the group of kids all going to the prom. Take the kids in the fixed Explorer (yeah!) to the train station at Roaring Camp so they could head down to Cocoanut Grove for the prom..

Sunday was more of the same.....

Looks like everyone had a blast.



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Oh, and special shoutout to Lino's wife, for the delicious mini cupcake macaroon things...  Those were delicious.

+1 on the desserts... my fav were the ones with nuts!

Jeff (a.k.a. Steelerhead)
You should have seen the one that got away!


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Oh, and special shoutout to Lino's wife, for the delicious mini cupcake macaroon things...  Those were delicious.

+1 on the desserts... my fav were the ones with nuts!

Jeff (a.k.a. Steelerhead)

I am pretty sure my wife, Amy, will appreciate the compliments. This is just one of her dessert specialty.

Though I was half sick OTW with half hangover, it was fun times! Good food, great company.

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Damn those two pots of chowder looked so good!!!  I'm missing the horsenecks and dungies right about now.  Looks like you guys had a great time.  One question, was Mooch drinking the Jim Beam too? :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
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Looks like i missed out on the fun again! Congratulations to the winners of the biggest crab! I had the kids this weekend and i asked them if they wanted to go and learn how to catch crabs but they said they rather watch The Movie "How to train your Dragon"  I was out voted. There for I will be at the November Crabfest!



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Awesome event thanks Chuck For getting this going. Congtats! EricB and Chuck! It was super cool hangin out Friday night and Saturday. First time yak crabbing and Im hooked!

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hope you enjoyed the pics and thanks everyone that was there  :smt001



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