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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Article on fly fishing the delta.  (Read 3288 times)

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Been lurking on this site for awhile now and finally found something to contribute.  I ran across this article while doing some research on where to try fly fishing from a kayak.


Looking to give the Meadows slough out of Walnut Grove a shot whenever I get a day off.  Was also thinking of bringing my fly rod to a Cosumnes nature preserve paddle that the family wants to do.  Any tips or warnings about these areas would be appreciated.



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While I am no help on your Delta question there is no shortage of foothill lakes (Comanche, Pardee, Amador, Folsom, etc.)  to throw flies at for trout. 
Can you tell me more about the Consumnes nature preserve? 
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Sure, the website is found here:


From what I have heard it's more of a small mouth bass fishery (which is cool with me, those suckers fight hard!) but from looking at maps it seems one could get out to the Mokelumne and go for stripper as well. 

I spent last season learning to paddle on the lakes (mostly Folsom and Camp Far West) and am now trying to find places that have less powered boat traffic.  It's embarrising to get sea sick on a lake  :smt011.


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Thanks for the link, I just bought an 8wt for the delta. I pretty much just use my kayak to go rockfishing when I cant fly fish for trout or break out the spey rod for steelhead. I think it's time to combine the 2 more, only fly fished for bass a couple of times out of my yak but it was fun. I'll probably use that article as a starting point as I have no idea where to go. Been planning on picking up some stuff to tie up some shad/striper/LMB flies. The juices are flowing!

As a side note, Kiene's Fly Shop in Sac is having there Fly Fishing Expo tomorrow and I know the California Fly shop is doing something this weekend too. The California Fly shop was doing free reel/line cleaning this week, I think tomorrow is the last day to drop off your reels, not sure though.

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If your looking into fly fishing the Delta, check out the book Fly Fishing the California Delta.  This book is mainly for fishing stripers, but it also give info on large, and smallmouth bass, carp, and salmon.  This book has it all!  I got a copy last month.

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Hello sumyunggy, I been fly fishing the Delta for a few years now and I guide there occasionally  mostly Franks Track.
I've made several posts about it and I've wrote one article for Kayak Fishermen.
It's a very easy place to get lost in if you don't know the waters. pick out land marks and remember them.
Getting the book Fly Fishing the California Delta is an excellent ideal. I've only glanced through but I know the writers are well known Delta Guides.
The Bass fishing is hot right now. How this time of year the boats are dangerous, particularly party boats. Dress brightly paddle safely.
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Why Do I paddle a kayak instead of a float tube or a pontoon boat? I like seeing where I'm going not where I've been!
Paddle safe and wrap'em tight.
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Yeah I picked up a copy of Fly Fishing the CA Delta book by Mike Costello, which is pretty much what lead me to this board :-D.

Thanks for the advice on party boats, I'll do my best to be visible out there.  Now all I need is some free time to put all this knowledge to good use!