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Topic: Kayak at Sams Club  (Read 9751 times)

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Does anyone have any reviews on this kayak.  A Friend of mine forwarded it to me when he was shopping at a local Sam's club.  Unfortunately that is all I know about it.
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I believe it's the same one they sold here in fresno.
The layout looks good but the weight was pretty high (70+lbs I believe)
Not sure of the name on it but if you check the forum I never saw much info from anglers.
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the position / angle of the rear flushmount rod holders doesn't seem right....it looks like if you tried to paddle the yak, it may just hit the rod due to the angle given...I could be wrong.


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I doesn't look like it has a hatch in front of the cockpit.  You could add one, and add other need feature, but that increases the price.  There will plenty to add even to a proven brand and model.  I have bought a kayak without testing it in the water but I would not do it again.  I have also bought a kayak from big box store.  It works fine for kids to play on in the pool but it is not a safe boat for the ocean, rough water, or river currents.  For a fishing kayak, I would recommend sticking with a brand that has a reputation for practical use and good customer service.  Such a kayak can be purchased used, and if it doesn't work out for you, resold for nearly the same amount.


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it looks like a WS T160 mated with a P15
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El cheapo deapo.....for sale right next to the pails of pool chemicals.
 FYI it's an AMR-13. air matress replacement. Worth every penny! hissssssss  :smt003


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At 500 bucks it might be a great deal. What brand is it? I cant magnify it clear enough.
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