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Topic: Networking in NCKA / What do you do for a living? / post here  (Read 60859 times)

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I think I might be a firefighter.  I fish more days than I work, I watch too much TV, I spend too much time on NCKA, I love ice cream and I get paid when Iím sleeping.  Since I donít go grocery shopping in a fire engine, Maybe I'm not be a fire fighter.   Actually Iím a retired cop who spent enough time at the fire stations to be glad that both of my sonís are firefighters.

Thanks for all that you guys (and gals) do for us.

OUCH Grumpy!!!!!   :smt002

I know your tongue and Cheek about that but... OUCH!!!   :smt010

Tell your Sons to Come on down to Sac Fire,

1/2 our Stations run over 6000 calls a year,
               Nearly twice the NFPA Standard for Safe call volume

 Sac Burns Baby  :fire  
And people dropping like Flies,  Gives ya plenty of time to work off that Ice Cream,

Truth be known that after almost 20 years in the field, I have found myself to a slower station and do get to enjoy uh... " The Finer things of The Fire Service..."  :fat

and have time to lick my wounds and work on kayak stuff like Hero's on The Water...

Coming soon to a website near you!!!.....  :smt004

I still go to the medic once every 3 weeks and wonder how I did that on regular basis for most of my Career, I'm lucky to grab lunch or Dinner on the run...

It's Really a Great Job and you guys that mentioned wanted to get into this career, well, the Best Advice I can give is " Never Give UP!!!! "

All those " Failures " in trying to get the job are merely learning lessons in trying to figure out the Game of getting hired, and it is a game, and a commitment and not letting anything distract you in your goal. It usually takes about 5 years of total commitment and taking many oral boards, backgrounds etc  etc...

I wanted to do it all my life, but for one reason or another, was sidelined. It wasn't till I was married with twin boys that I finally knuckled down and went thru my Final Tower at the young age of 39.....  ouch.....  :icon_weelchairbb:

Really funny to listen to the younger 20y/o guys complain about pain....  :smt011

It's in your head, and if you believe in yourself and your abilities...

 YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!     Feel free to PM me about getting this Great Job

 ( with big screen tvs and ice cream....  :smt003 )

 Rumor is, we might be hiring,  but keep in mind, were talking Sac City...

where it's not about the money.....  

We Burn, Are 4 man crews, We go inside..... :fire
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Love BajaÖ  :smt055


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I'm the Managing Partner (boss) of a small IT consulting firm, www.oocio.com.  We are mostly ex Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Big 4 consulting Partners that wanted to get off the treadmill. If anyone needs to figure out what to do with their company's IT, then do it, we're here for you.

Spare time is 12 yr old twins, boy and girl.  We spend all of our spare time outside.  I'm turning them into fishaholics on every body of water we find and crabbers on an Arima 19.  My son makes lures and ties flies out of junk in the garage and my daughter has the Zen touch and catches fish with them when no one else does.

My day was made last year while my daughter was sitting on the tail gate of the truck after a morning of trout fishing at Shadow Cliffs in the Scanoe and said; "This sure beats sitting on the couch playing video games."  So I guess its working.

I credit my wife for getting us into sea kayaking 17 years ago.  I've been yakking for abalone and touring ever since but only started fishing freshwater from a Wilderness Pungo a few years ago.  I have yet to fish in salt water from one.  I'm an assistant scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts Troop 301 in Belmont and lead them on a yak expedition every April in Monterey bay. 

Like many here I spent a ton of time on the MLPA process through Coastside FC.  (I was sitting next to the mike when the Seal Head dude did his schtick in San Rafael.)

I'm in the process of reconfiguring my fleet (down to 5 now from 6) to have a proper fishing yak.  Still in the pedal v. paddle decision.  Took a demo ride at CCK last week.  Thinking Revolution, Outback or OK T13.  Too many orthaepedic issues to lug around a larger, heavier boat.  Will keep you posted on the search. 
- 1st place 2010 New Melones Trout Bout
 - Skunked at RBC2 2011
but have always had a great time at every NCKA event I've had the good fortune to attend.

"A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be."  - A. Lincoln

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 :smt004  I work for the USPS as a window clerk in a small northern cal town.

Spare time is fishing, kite flying and cooking/camping :smt007
The more the merrier.

I and my dog need a fishing trip rery soon.


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Great thread..

I changed careers 7 years ago. I was National Sale Manager for Hitachi High Technologies, in charge of OEM disk sales.

Now I am the General Manager of R.W.Garcia Co., Inc. We are a tortilla chip manufacturer. I oversee all operational issues in two factories, here in San Jose, and also our plant in Lincolnton, North Carolina.


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My normal occupation has been a CNC laser operator. But with the down economy, and after being laid off, I found myself running a small oil change shop up here in our small community. I do light mechanical work as well. Keeps me busy, but I would rather be using my brain. I miss the geometrical math to get jobs done!


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i am a carpenter/general contractor. i mostly due remodeling and additions.


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  I am a painting contractor  have been  for twenty something years
paintors hate holidays


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Retired from the Fire Service after 31 years.  My other  job is helping my kids launch into the world.  One out of college with an audio engineering degree looking for work and the other in JC pursuing the fire service.  I freelance as a grip for a buddy of mine at LMA productions from time to time just for fun.  My other/other/other job is working with my wife in her travel agency-usually testing out her trips!(all must have a fishing component).  Lots of trips to Mexico! 

Hunting, fishing and taking care of my mom round out the list.  I really don't know how I EVER had time to work before!  Its amazing what you can do when you are young...

See you on the water,

`No Tuna'

Tui Chub

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USGS Fishery Biologist specializing in desert fishes.


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Public Affairs Officer for the US Forest Service.
I develop briefings, coordinate VIP visits/tours, write testimony, develop agency talking points/key messages, conduct media interviews, act as an adviser to leadership, manage web content, develop/implement information campaigns, etc

Right now my job focuses on wildfire issues throughout California, but I just accepted a job in Coeur d'Alene, ID where I will focus on 2.5 million acres and apply the same skills to all issues within that area.

In terms of networking, I can be a good resource in showing you how to get hired in the federal system, especially in fire. The catch with government work is that unless you're looking for entry level work it's tough to get your foot in the door. On the plus side though, if you have a good education (especially a master's degree), you're willing to move, and you're a motivated worker you can be promoted extremely fast to a pretty decent wage.
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Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. -Jimmy Buffett


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Been selling Aerus-Electrolux vacuums for 20 years now. With the economy and building the way it is, it is very slow. Central vacuum systems are easy to install if you have somewhere to install them. I used to sell 10-15 a month, 75% of my personal buisness, till 2 years ago. Started slowing down. Now I've sold about 10 in the last year, with some of our other products. Also rewire race cars from time to time, do small side auto work, and anything else to try and bring in the $. Keep looking for something new, but it would cost me money to take a $10-12 hour job. I'll just keep fishing, hunting, and racing I guess. (Wife has good job). Did show a profit last year racing.
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Wow, cool thread.  I'm a burnt out machinist after 33 years of abuse.

Right now I am working mostly unsupervised making tooling and fixing broken stuff but I'm having more fun making freebies for myself.  Lathe, mill, grinding & CNC machining.


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I'm a foreman for one farm and farm a little wheat, barley, and rice with my brother.

Hat Trick

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i am a salesperson for a large construction material supply company.  i sell drywall, steel framing, stucco, insulation and ceiling grid and tile.


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By day, I'm an attorney. 
At night, I'm still that same attorney who hasn't finished his work to prepare for the next day's deposition, but who still makes time to get on the NCKA forum during breaks to check out posts, dream about RF season opener and eventually going to sleep to repeat the cycle.

I have a wonderful wife and 2 kids who help me with the reality check and remind me of who I really work for.

Describes me perfectly.  Scary.