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Topic: How do you store your kayak(s) ?  (Read 18048 times)

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like this


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new cart I just finished. Pricey but sturdy and long lasting
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Excellent idea, I have been trying to figure out what to do.  Right now it's at the end of my garage/woodshop and really in the way.
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We built a lift to get the OK Prowler down to the top of the Subaru from the 3rd story :). Easy set up, easy break down, and it's really quiet.

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Lucky13 custom built my rack based on my design.  I needed the bottom area clear for storage and decided use Malone J Storage racks up top. 
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just some pullys


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Small apartment so standing on end on the back patio up against the upstairs balcony.
Fenced and locked with a cable.
No cover as its on the north side of the building and we don't see the sun much in a Humboldt summer.



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Should Tupperware style hatches be left open to maintain a tight seal?


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I leave them open on my Tarpon so it will dry out. Your lids are a little different than mine, but should be ok on or off I would think.
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I leave them open on my Tarpon so it will dry out. Your lids are a little different than mine, but should be ok on or off I would think.
Thanks rob I wanted to introduce my self at Adams seminar last week I was the one with my dad who was asking about the stainless swivels.i was gonna send you a pm about that setup but your name changes I couldn't find ya so you must be back to racin haha


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Hmmm - just posted a DIY thread; then saw this thread.  Similar design as many others - but new to me  :smt003



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I recently had move from my "rural" home in the Soquel hills, into a traditional neighborhood in town.  With too little space in the garage and too much dog poop in the backyard, I decided to get a storage shed for my two kayaks.  I could not find a shed which fully met my needs, so I built one. 
18 ft long X 40 inched wide.  Its about two inches taller on one side in order to shed water.  Carriage bolts with steel backing on all hinges and hasps should make it pretty difficult to break into with without alerting the whole neighborhood. 
Im hoping to hire a talented artist to help me decorate it  :wink:
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Really nice Matt!
looks like a 6pack canvas to me. :smt007
I've been wanting to do larger works this summer :smt005.
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Dang Matt, that's nice. I've been thinking about shifting my storage from the garage to the side yard.  Do you have dawings or a materials list?
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