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Topic: How do you store your kayak(s) ?  (Read 18444 times)

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Unfortanyly i live in a small apartment with no garage, so my yak is in the backyard on 2 saw horses wrapped in a large tarp burrito. Anyone got any good tips for outside storage?


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Just picked up a T140 and still trying to figure out how to store it, but previous posts gave me plenty of ideas. Thanks guys for posting.

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I put together this thing down in my basement.  Don't have room for a hoist setup, or much other setup at all.  I can secure the kayak verticly as pictured, or swing out the arms and lay the kayak horizontally at a good working height. There is now a second set of support arms at ground level for the second kayak
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Doesn't everyone do it like this? :smt001

Being a single dad has it's advantages - one being if I want to work on my kayak in the living room - dammit, no one can tell me not to.


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Actually - even though this is a terrible picture - I keep the new T-11 in my tiny single car garage ratchet strapped to the ceiling, with some pipe insulation padding.  It's tight, but I can get it up and down by myself, so it works for now.



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My kayaks are taking up too much space in my garage/workshop, so I built this...


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  Until recently. I kept my OB outside chained to supports under my residence, and covered with a silver sided tarp.  I checked on it one day in the middle of the day , very hot out and the hull was extremely hot to the touch!  I popped open the rear hatch, and after discovering  itshull temp was really hot I moved the hull inside.
   So now my Outback resides in my hallway.  I kinda forgot how big this hull is!  No more hull getting baked by sun now, (At least until the wife visits again  :smt003)

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The Trailer really helps for storage and can be taken out when other projects need tending to
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My prowler thirteen stays on my man van! The others here!


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ahhhhh old whitey! still going strong! with some custom paint! made me smile to see her again!
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you guys w/ all your yaks, making me jealous  :smt006


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IMO: this is the best way to store a yak (I used to work for a kayak shop)

Storing a kayak on it's side keeps the hull from "oil canning" and most importantly, keep it away from the sun - for long term storage.


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Rainy day and old ladders and play with the spool gun welder.  Make new rack for the yaks.


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sorry no pics.

run a standard strap around both bow and stern stress points, invert boat. [deck down]

attach one leg of home made two leg pulley system to each end of boat. hoist to rafters of car port. tie off on cleats. 

word of warning; make sure you have ceilings at least 9 feet high!!
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My brother and I made this yesterday it took 3 pieces of wood and some plywood, for a grand total of $46.
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