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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: M.O.~CEDROS  (Read 9578 times)

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:jawdrop  Looking forward to this report!
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good grief!!! thats a big mess of fish


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Holy freklkin shit gash dam WOW


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Man, that's of a lot cleaning and fish guts.  You guys should save the heads for crab season.


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It's all about Today!!!


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More pictures pleeeeaaaaaasssse!  :smt007
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AAAAHHHHHHHHH..................Now i get it.......epic man, epic.


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We are just back from the fish processors.  Even in small vacuum packs, it is a lot of the bounty of the sea.  We are preparing the barbecue.........looking forward to supper.
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Here are a couple pics


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You must have had a bunch of fantastic action sequences with a mess o' hard fightin' fish like that! Amazing stuff.
Awesome. I can't wait to hear more!
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Man, that's of a lot cleaning and fish guts.  You guys should save the heads for crab season.

Ditto. I hope you have a chest freezer.
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The ride was like this for over 30 hours there and over 30 hours back.
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Basically the trip went like this:

Day one We left the docks at around 0900 and then got bait, we set sail around 1200. We ate and ate and then went to sleep.

Day two We woke up and ate some more.  Then they put out trolling gear.  By noon or so we were into a pretty steady pick of small yft on the troll with a few nice dorado in the mix.  We kept eating. By about 2 we were in fairly steady small tuna action.  By 4 pm we had about 75 yft on the boat and we got to Benitos and looked around but it was way too windy to do anything so we decided to move to Cedros as it is big enough to have a lee side. We set anchor for the night and we ate some more.

Day three We got to Cedros and fished near the harbor.  It was windy but manageable. Folks got into a steady pick of nice grade YT.  Fish ranged from 20 pounds to nearly 40.  Justin speared 4 in a short time in 15 feet of water.  Chef's brother smoked a pig RIGHT next to the beach while casting for halis in the beach break.  I had the worst day kayak fishing in recent memory.  By the end of the day there were about 35 NICE YT on board.

Day four we decided to try something new.  Half stayed on the Islander and went a few hundred yards offshore.  Others yak fished.  Yaks got monsters, the boat got quantity. More and more eating.  We were all now addicted to "snack".

Day five We did the same.  50/50 in the am. Yaks got blown out in the wind and the boat stacked em.  In the Pm all went on the boat and it was INSANE WFO carnage.  More eating and snack.  We pulled the plug at about 330 and began traveling home.  About 600 pm we came across the biggest tuna/dolphin boil EVER.  More tuna on board but these were nicer fish.  Then the seas relly got ugly and very few ate and retained dinner.

Day 6 We continued slogging north for ever.  We arrived at 1000 AM and began assessing the carnage. HOLY #$%^ we killed a lot of fish!!!  Long drive home.

Today everyone was ass deep in fish and gear cleaning.  In summary...ridiculous fishing and fun.