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Topic: Best places to go largemouth bass fishing in the SF bay area  (Read 23688 times)

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Fellas, I'm a new kayak bass fisherman and was wondering where are the places to go Black Bass fishing in the SF bay area (lakes prefered but Delta OK too.). Thanks in advance. BTW, live in the North bay area, Vallejo to be exact.


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Fellas, I'm a new kayak bass fisherman and was wondering where are the places to go Black Bass fishing in the SF bay area (lakes prefered but Delta OK too.). Thanks in advance. BTW, live in the North bay area, Vallejo to be exact.

Unfortunately thats what we are lacking in SF area, to get a real good action you need to drive an hour or 2 depending on season and weather, in Delta I love fishing at Franks Tract (Oakley) sometimes I go to a smaller lake such as contra loma, San Pablo Reservoir and Lake Chabot are few local lakes that produce trophy size Bass but its a hit or miss, if I plan to hunt bass I usually hit Clear Lake, lots of body of water always consistent action, even if you catch tiny ones they fight like no tomorrow, in my history of fishing clear lake never in my life got skunk in that area even everyone says its slow, I heard some stories that fish get caught at Lake Merced but like I said stories.. heres a link for you to to see where you can check where and whats hot on bass fishing please practice catch, photo and release (CPR)

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There is always Anderson and Coyote south of San Jose.  Coyote has produced some decent size bass.


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Calero Res can produce, just don't eat them because of the Mercury.


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You would be hard up to find any bass of eq. size to the Delta.  Anderson is you are looking for little bass.  Coyote produces some descent bass but the lake is only about 2 miles long at full and they only keep it at about 50% capacity so.....  Hit the Delta on the Spawn and it's GAME ON!


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+1 on the Delta! It's Hawgsville!
For others, not myself, I just catch the 2-4 pounders. Very frustrating.


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Delta for sure. 
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+1 on the Delta tip. 

Big break, Frank's tract and Cosumnes River Preserve are places that I've gone this year and haven't been let down.  Only problem I've had in the Delta is the wind.  But you can find little spots here and there even in those conditions, but as I've found out, it can get kinda hairy real quick out in the bigger channels and such.   Cosumnes is fun river fishing and quite beautiful n peaceful n junk.

San Pablo and Chabot are pointless to hunt for bass, or much else in my opinion - even though I still try.  Those are my practice lakes.

Clearlake is the shit.  Lake Berryessa can be quite the sleeper - I target smallmouth & biggies up in Putah Creek. Russian River can be fun for smallies in the morning and evenings. 

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shadow cliffs in the back ponds are pretty good to...del val is also good i usally use a senko


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  Yeah, the "SF bay area" Sucks for bass fishing.  Sure there are a lot of local lakes, most  were mentioned already, Anderson, Coyote, Uvas, Stevens Creek.  Lexington used to have big bass, but's its been closed for a while and recently reopened however no one has posted any reports from it lately so it's anyone's guess at the moment how good the fishing is now.

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IDK bout BIG bass but Lafayette Can be a great little spot to throw senkos and hook fun fighting bass. San pablo will yield plenty of spotted bass. Every once in a great while BIIIG LMB's Clear lake is bass Mecca IMO. Berry is a blast for bass if you know what they want at the time. Cant beat the delta. just havent fished it in sooooo long id hate to give you any advice  :smt009

Says me

Good luck
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Wait for shellback to show you his spots.berreyessa is a good place.close enough to you they have all the types of bass you want lmb smb spots,now we are all waiting for your fishing report.welcome to the madness
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dont sleep on contra loma , theres hogs to be had!
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Another +1 on the Delta.  It is, by far, the most consistent for big bass and numbers of them (at least for me).  as far as proximity to Valejo, that would be my suggestion.  There is, of course, the other bodies mentioned such as San Pablo Res., Chabot, etc, but I have made the determination recently that the Delta is the numero uno bass spot for the bay area.  Now go get em!
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