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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: I love my frog  (Read 1745 times)

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Decided to try a different spot for some topwater excitement so I went to Buckingham, (Clear Lake), in the late afternoon. Just like I've experienced so far this year the bite turns on near sunset. It was sort of slow going at first, I missed the first 4 hits which were weak and small looking. But, never let your guard down, at the end of a cast in just 2 FOW the water opens up on my frog. I was thankful for the braid on my reel because it was difficult to stay tight to this fish as my yak was also being pulled towards it. When I saw it jump near me I could hardly believe my eyes! It's my best fish this year, and I didn't expect it on a frog. After this fish I caught a couple others, one right at the rod-tip as I was lifting the frog for another cast, and another that waked from 10 feet away to the frog after it had landed. As soon as that wake reached the frog it was bye-bye frog! I didn't land that one but for some strange reason... I was okay with that.
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You feeling froggy??? :smt003 than jump mother f%^#er right into your yak :smt003 :smt003...Nice toad...whats the name of that frog? It looks froggy...
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Nice to catch a "Toad" with your frog!   :smt003  Congrat and thanks for the report & pictures Juan.
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I don't know you, but I love your frog too.



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Super nice fish...it looks too fat for your hawg trough!  Gotta love topwater!




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  • thanks for the pic PAL!
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Nice upgrade Hobi-Juan! Nothing like topwater action to get you jazzed.....


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inspiring work Juan!
and thanks for the report and tip on the evening maulings.
while away I missed a full moon on the clear lady.
I dont plan on missing the next for the evening bite and some night fishing.
ill be in touch

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Good job bro I miss clear lake, This is my favorite for Bass Fishing.. I might hit it next weekend before albion, Thanks for the report
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Next on my Lure to Buy list :smt003

2015 Hobie AI
OK T15

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Way to go Juan!

What a pig!


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sweet hog on the frog juan, i gotta get up there one of these days, cameron
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Well Stu, kayak fishing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, sometimes you have to look at the swell report and say "Hey bud let's party"

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Top water kicks $*^ when its hitten. That's a nice hog, in the hog trough, real nice catch Juan.
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Nice LMB Juan. Thanks for sharing.

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Thats what I call going green :smt044 Great catch thanks for the report.