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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Hello!~ A new member! (Long intro)  (Read 1727 times)

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Hello everyone, after lurking here for such a long time and reading the "would you pay to play" it got me thinking. I'm glad that the post was made because i feel like it kinda awoke me. I didn't post before because i felt kinda like i would say something stupid and didn't know anyone in the club personally. I admit that i have read a lot from this site, browsed the pictures and day dreamed more than any one person should. So i am finally starting the engine and instead of just hopping in i decided to put all my woes behind me and formally introduce myself (if that counts on the internet). I look forward to meeting each of you guys in the future events in person and create some new friends. Well to start out i feel like a little bit of info would be nice for others to see what kind of person i am. My name is Nic I am 19 years old and have a hard time finding people my age to do things with because i guess a lot of the younger crowd isn't into it. Id rather be fishing. It doesn't matter where, i love to fish. After being bank bound i decided it was time to hit the deeper water and start trying to find alternatives to a boat...a kayak! Aha, the best investment i have ever made.
My dad's a pipe fitter (in case some one needs the hook up) and very skilled at it i might add. He does the HUGE pipe and also side jobs doing plumbing for friends houses. To go deeper (sorry for the long intro but i feel like i already know you guys and you don't know me, after all i'm new!) I have had OCD since the age of 9, high anxiety and depression. So they told me after a very big life turn around (attempted suicide) that i needed to do SOMETHING. So i quit the stupid job i had that made me unhappy, sold all the stupid stuff that i didn't need, custom built stuff, bikes, etc. Made a ton of money and bought a kayak. Yes it is only a Tarpon 100 which some of you may never even consider or heard of for that matter! I saw it in a picture on here once, but am currently working to sell that one and move up to a Trident 13 which i should test paddle first! The reason i went deeper than a hi! is because i want to stay here till the servers crumble or whatever that may be. I'm in it for the long run, and if i can tell you who i am and how i got here i feel like i can actually post and possibly contribute! Also i know a lot of people have OCD and other things listed or went through the same thing, or are currently going through the same thing but being in the spot i am don't let the age fool you, i have no problem with helping some one out if they need it, even if its just to lend a ear and listen. I thank all the guys on here for making this site what it is and want EVERYONE who posted on this site to know that i am truly grateful for your help even when i was just a shadow. I kind went through some rough stuff and this site literally was my therapy, my go to place. I cant begin to thank everyone for the info i have learned and the friendships i know that will become of this. Again sorry for the LONGGGGG rant..
The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.  ~John Buchan


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Wow, Scout, you've got quite a story.  Welcome aboard.   :smt001

Quote from: Scout
this site literally was my therapy, my go to place.

I'm glad to know that the site was therapeutic for you long before introducing yourself.   :smt056
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Welcome to the Maddness Nic there are a lot of us that look at Kayak Fishing and This Site as Therapy and its good it cures all. Don't take us serious and we will keep you laughing.
Thanks for being so honest and I look forward to hooking up with you.
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Thanks for the warm welcome! It's insane that you're so accepting so quickly. I cant thank you enough, i cant stop thinking about the kindness that has been showed to me in less than an hour. I told my girlfriend id call her back in 15 minutes while i was posting....well that 15 turned into 2 hours of straight kayak bliss. Long story short i got yelled at....was it worth it? HECK YEAH!
The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.  ~John Buchan


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Nice to meet you scout! The tarpon 100 is a pretty cool boat actually. Fun in the surf, easy to cary and very capable of shorter missions. There are a lot places where a boat like that is ideal I think. The T13 is great also and much more versatile but dont be bummed with your tarpon. Use it and enjoy the easy portability that sets it apart from the others!

I'll see you out there!



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Welcome aboard Nic!  If you love to fish and make new friends, this is the place!  Hope to meet you OTW someday soon.
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Long story short i got yelled at....was it worth it? HECK YEAH!

Welcome aboard.  At 19 your a bit too young to worry about GAF much, soo fish on bro   :smt044


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Welcome Nic - look forward to fishing with you.  This club brings alot of positive energy and people, and a whole lot of fun, to all our lives.  Just jump right in and join a hook-up.  What kinds of fishing and species do you like to fish for?
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Welcome to the madness Nic!!!! You definitely did the right thing by joining this wonderful community! I will be anticipating your first fishing report..... Welcome aboard!...Andy
..........Sincerly A-Hull Muggle.

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Ya know what's ironic? When I was 19, I worked w/my uncle as a union pipefitter! It was fun work too.

But yeah, I feel ya on the problem of finding other people to fish with. Here's what I did: instead of trying to find new friends who liked fishing---I just forced my current friends to go fishing!  And it worked!

Welcome and Good Luck!
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porky (bp)

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Man, I cant get my friends to go kayak fishing for anything dude, they all love to fish, but its got to be from a power boat. I used to take them out on our old power boat, but its gets old, no one stay and halps clean the salt off the boat or all the trash, no one helps trailer it, it takes a long time to properly clean a PB form a day on the salt... I just got sick of it, SOLD that baby, got me a yak, and I actually love it more! No oil, gas, long clean ups, lines at the harbor.

Ive met a few guys on here already too to fish with. I will say i am guilty of fishing solo quite a bit too.... I know its not the smartest thing to do but I do find a great sense of pleasure in it as well. When i fish solo I usually will fish a more populated spot, but am only relying on myself to take care of myself if need be god forbid!

Anyway, nice to meet ya!


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Nic/Scout welcome. You'll fit right in. This is a great bunch of guys (and gals, yes we got a few and they kick ass). My biggest advice is to try and get to an event or hook up. It makes the sport and site so much more fun when you meet the ppl. See ya on the water soon....
-Eric Berg


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The madness is the cure!!  :smt002
Welcome and love the avatar.

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WTTM. Honestly this site was my stress reliever when I found this :smt005, it change my life :smt002, the problem I have now when I purchase my Kayak, I am getting stressed out when see the report and itching to get out :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044, I only have 2 days off a week (I could make it 7 days but cant afford it) which divided into many errands and hundreds of fishing spot.. but I have 2 priorities 1) My son 2) Fishing, your too young to be worrying for GAF, Just go out there and free your mind...
Live today for tomorrow's sake.
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Hiya Nic - glad you came out of the lurk and into the madness! Fish on brother and see you out there.
Just a walleye fisherman from MN tryin' ta get salty!