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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: MBK Monterey Bay Kayaks Rig/Rescue/Surf for Yakfishing Class 7/11  (Read 4439 times)

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Sin Coast

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For those signed up...Things to bring:sack lunch (this will be a working lunch between recoveries and surf zone, so pack accordingly),sun block,floppy hat,helmet (buy your own,but if you don't have your own we have some to loan), paddle (we have at MBK too), your boat (I've got a T15,2 Tarpon 140,and a bunch of P13 reserved for those who requested boats), thigh braces (I'm bringing my own, we sell them, and MBK has some to loan),wetsuit (I'm going Mysterioso layered under my 4/3 Bodyglove surf suit,MBK provides farmer johns and paddle jackets too) , PFD (MBK has too), booties,plenty of warm layers,towel.

Allen, you can rent/borrow a helmet from MBK.
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Yep, You can buy a helmet at MBK and/or we have some for you to use for the class.

Thanks to all signed up.This is going to be cool.We have great guys signed up, awesome staff, and excellent conditions.Let's do this!
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