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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Please post your favorite tide / weather charts here = T.Y.  (Read 21304 times)

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This site is really good, especially the radar images:

This one may be on 1st page, but it is good too:


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Awesome! I should have known. I thought i might have something to offer, but all the ones i love have been posted, and instead i gained some knowledge. I am quickly learning how great a resource the is the NCKA is!

My Favorites:
NOAA Eureka (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/eka/)
GARLIC (http://www.garlic.com/~triblet/swell/abglance.html)
CDIP (http://cdip.ucsd.edu/?&nav=recent&sub=observed)
SWELLWATCH (http://forecasts.surfingmagazine.com/)
SALTWATER TIDES (http://www.saltwatertides.com/dynamic.dir/marylandsites.html)

As a diver who has been using it for 8 years, i can offer a little bit of user knowledge with the NOAA site.  It has good pinpoint weather if you pick an inland spot.
Also, the newer point forecast for the nearshore waters is usefull, but not perfect, so it will lower swell forcasts for areas protected from the general swell direction, but generalizes and so missed some local factors. To be safe i would err on the side of the biggest.  It will give you a forecast 5 full days out, but i find that far out it is usually wrong.  I feel more comfortable around 72 hours, and that increases exponentially as it approches the current forecast.  I live in Sac, so use it to judge whether i will be fishing/diving, or just camping/drinking :smt002  With the final judge being my gut while sitting on the bluff.

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Another good one...


Plug in the area and check the hourly forecast. 
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Coming from sea kayaking, and planing a lot of sunday paddles, the Tidelog  http://www.tidelog.com/what-is-tidelog/
is my favorite.  It comes in a soft, compact notebook format, with room to log in your days events, so it becomes a journal
as well.  On each day's chart you have the tides shown in a wave graph so you can figure the hight at any time of day, as well as
the currents, the moon phase, sunrise, sunset, even meteor showers.  For weather I use the NWS website.   The tidelog used to
be published in Bolinas, but the owner retired and sold it to some folks out on Tybee Island Georgia.  You can get about 5 versions,
depending on where you live, or plan to visit.


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For current predictions  in sf bay and elsewhere, this site has valuable data. Unfortunately the data isn't that easy to digest.


Luckily these guys have used this data to create a graphic map app for Android users called "Currents".


Great for Dino/Hali/Striper fishing in the bay with predictions all the way up to the Antioch bridge.

Seems like NOAA's data is not up for 2013 yet.
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thanks for the currents app sharky, my oregon gps has currents on it but sometimes i forget to pack it, so good to have a backup, cameron
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Well Stu, kayak fishing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, sometimes you have to look at the swell report and say "Hey bud let's party"

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Maybe it's been mentioned previously and I missed it, but for wind forcasts I like to use iWindsurf.com


It's been really accurate for me.  I heard about it from a charter boat captain who relies on it often.
You can check out current conditions or forcasts in chart or map form.


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This app is free and awesome


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I just found this app called fishweather. It is free with a plus and pro purchase upgrade. Anyone else use it?

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I find this one to be the easiest to use before I go out. You can change the regional area for the forecast: